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EatPrato: the weekend of taste

The three days dedicated to taste, pastry and traditional products to young emerging chefs are back. In Prato from 31 May to 2 June, the weekend becomes an open-air kitchen.

From May 31st to June 2nd the biggest urban kitchen will be in Prato! Three days for gourmet party enthusiasts that mix wisdom, creativity and a pinch of daring.
The city of the sweet heart is not in fact a slogan: there are more than 60 master pastry chefs and chocolatiers in Prato, and twice a year these professionals join chefs and local producers for a great kermesse dedicated to cooking: Eat Prato.

The food court at Giardino Buonamici

Giardino Buonamici, in the square of the same name, is the headquarters of tastings, show cooking, pastry shows, wine tasting, masterclasses, mixology show drinks, workshops and live demonstrations. Without forgetting the music, the meetings, the books. 1000 square meters in the heart of the city a stone's throw from the medieval walls, the cathedral, one of the most fascinating Renaissance fresco cycles. A Food Court where you can share an experience and stories and from there discover the foodie city that combines good taste with good humor.

The edition dedicated to Leonardo

"Genius and Madness, beyond tradition". This is the claim that will accompany the fourth edition of eatPRATO, which is not just a tribute to Leonardo this year. The city that has in its territory the oldest DOC in the world (DOCG since 1990), the Carmignano, knows that among the subjects that have fascinated the Renaissance genius there was also wine, so much so that it even dedicated some studies to its production, especially after having received a vineyard from Ludovico il Moro. And then there is Leonardo Cuoco! Ca va sans dire, brilliant even in the kitchen! So much to write recipes far ahead for his time. We would call it avant-garde cuisine today.

The night of Prato's taste: bars and restaurants in the historic center present original gastronomic proposals to be savored. An itinerary through the streets of the center between art, taste, design, videographic on the Piazza del Comune when at sunset the Festival starts on the terrace of Palazzo Pretorio, lights up at dusk with a show of graphic animations, "I Sentieri del Gusto "Made of lights and sounds to cover the façade of the Pretorio with videomapping and continues in the square with an aperitif at the Caffè delle Logge branching then along the streets around where it will be possible to make small tastings in many different spaces, sip a glass of wine, eat one “Schiaccino”, delight in piazza delle Carceri with a sweet rose of city sweet par excellence signed by the best Prato pastry chefs.

The "Outside" salon
The OUTSIDE Buonamici Garden continues also in the following days with the Walks of Taste, itineraries on an urban scale and on the territory that will reveal a surprising Prato told and discovered through tourist itineraries in the most unusual places of the city and surroundings, through stories and theatrical, real and own performances made of anecdotes, stories, characters. Mini-tours organized to introduce the people of Prato to excellence and to bring the public to the discovery of particular and almost hidden places, where tastings are intertwined with performances, flavors with words. Do not miss the event on Sunday June 2 in the event just outside the historic center, at CHI-NA al Macrolotto, WINEZILLA Jr, a cross-section of natural wines and gourmet cuisine told and guided by Sandro Sangiorgi, a well-known fine wine writer food and wine that will take the public from oenology to literature and vice versa.

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