Chicken Curry Recipe – Italian Cuisine – Italian Cuisine

Chicken Curry Recipe - Italian Cuisine

  • 1 kg a chicken
  • 200 g peeled onion
  • 70 g almonds
  • fresh coconut
  • yellow apple
  • laurel
  • curry
  • chicken broth
  • seed oil
  • salt

For the chicken curry recipe, pass the chicken over a high flame, scorching it to remove any residual feathers or feathers; wash it, drain it and cut it into regular pieces, cutting the bones at the joints. Collect the pieces in a bowl and sprinkle them with plenty of curry; let the bird marinate for about 30 minutes. Meanwhile, thinly slice the onion and put it to dry in 4 tablespoons of oil, flavored with 2 bay leaves and half an apple, peeled and cut into slices.

Switch the almonds to the electric chopper and grate the fourth part of a medium-sized coconut, after having deprived it of the zest and peel. Add almonds and coconut to the saucepan of the sauce, sprinkle it again with a pinch of curry and sprinkle it with 6 ladles of hot broth. Cover, then boil the sauce for about 10 ', then add the chicken pieces, add salt and continue cooking, over moderate heat and in an uncovered pot, for about 45' more.

Serve the dish hot, accompanied by all its cooking juices and eventually by pilaf rice, to make a rich single dish.

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