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Because chocolate puts us in a good mood

I eat too much chocolate. 1997 is the year of the release of an album by Giorgia that looks a bit like all of us. That we look for a chocolate cube when we come back from work, as soon as we wake up on Sundays or in those afternoons where everything seems black.
The rain, the phone call that does not arrive and the too many commitments that seem to suffocate us. Just in these moments, a bar of chocolate seems ready to welcome us, to tell us that it was waiting for us.

And every bite is a hug, a comfort, a smile. And if on the one hand it is thepositive effect of every comfort food that is respectable, on the other it can not be denied that that of chocolate it is also a question of chemistry.

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Let's start from here, that is fromgood-humor hormone. One of the main reasons we feel happier when we eat chocolate is that it is able to raise the levels of serotonin. But inside this greedy elixir of happiness is also present tryptophan, or the molecule useful for our body to synthesize serotonin. Bite after bite, therefore, we increase our chances of increasing the presence of the hormone of good mood in our body. And smile a little more.
But not only. In fact, cocoa also contains modest doses of salsolinol and salsolin or of the dopamine-derived alkaloids that function as natural antidepressants.

The craving effect

The common definition of this effect is the compulsive desire for a psychoactive substance for a food, but also for objects or other rewarding substances. And although there is a strong emotional component that drives us to look for a particular food and consume it consistently and in abundant doses, cocoa and chocolate contain substances that can create a slight dependence. For this reason it is good not to exceed in the doses: pamper our mood with a square of chocolate a day is a good habit, while giving us frequent feast could be dangerous.

Slice happiness

And now that we understand why we feel happier with a piece of chocolate in our hands, we just have to give us some joyful bite, maybe of your favorite cake. Or one of these 15 selected among the best we have prepared. Are you ready to feel happy?

Chocolate cake with coffee cream
Chocolate and almond cake
Soft Chocolate Cake
Chocolate filled hazelnut cake
Chocolate cake, red pepper and red fruits
Chocolate and coconut cake
Chocolate cake with walnuts and candied oranges
Chocolate cake with walnuts
Plum cake with oil and cocoa
Sacher cake
La Tris
Cake with chocolate
Chocolate frosted cake
Pears and chocolate cake
Ricotta cake and bitter chocolate

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