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We are Italy: the new issue of Vanity Fair to support Italian companies – Italian Cuisine

On newsstands from tomorrow, April 8, the third act in the trilogy of Vanity Fair dedicated to the Covid-19 emergency: in the first a message from Milan to Italy and the world; in the second a celebration of the "heroes" engaged in the front line in this global struggle; in the latter, a manifesto in support of Italian companies, with visions on what would be needed to overcome the crisis caused by the virus and the questions on tomorrow's markets.

The cover is a work created exclusively for the Vanity Fair by the artist Francesco Vezzoli, in homage to Lucio Fontana: he portrays a tricolor canvas with a cut that represents a wound but also a crack. The work will be auctioned and the proceeds will be donated to charity to support businesses.

The chosen title is #The Italiasiamonoi, a hashtag that wants to celebrate that Italian unity and creativity that has always allowed this country to make the best of the worst situations it has historically faced.

Within the issue, however, Vanity Fair called upon the authoritative voice of Nobel Prizes, philosophers, managing directors, presidents of the most important Italian supply chains together with poets, artists and designers to ask themselves about the world that awaits us after the virus and on how to deal with the economic emergency that follows the health emergency.

Among the many characters: the Nobel Prize for economics Joseph Stiglitz describing his new vision of the state in the global post-virus market; the economist and former minister Enrico Giovannini which analyzes the Italian economic situation; the philosopher Silvano Petrosino who speaks of the new sense of time; the designers Mariagrazia Chiuri is Pierpaolo Piccioli who write two letters of reflection on the state and future of fashion; expert Li Edelkoort describing the trends to come in the creation and production of goods; the President of the Salone del Mobile, Claudio Luti, who speaks directly to the government; director Luca Guadagnino which analyzes the world of cinema and the future of entertainment; the songwriter Tommaso Paradiso who writes about the importance of knowing the past to understand tomorrow.

In the special issue, there are also interviews with key personalities in the world of motoring,hotellerie, of the food, of the beauty and technologies to understand how digital investments will be, among other factors, the key to the future.

#IoCiSono, the new issue of Vanity Fair dedicated to those who are fighting on the front line against coronavirus – Italian Cuisine

#IoCiSono, the new issue of Vanity Fair dedicated to those who are fighting on the front line against coronavirus. All proceeds will be donated to the Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital in Bergamo.

After publishing a special issue dedicated to Milan and Italy, distributed free of charge in newsstands in Lombardy, Vanity Fair confirms its commitment to wanting to transmit a message of hope, strength, courage and above all gratitude to those who are fighting this global frontline fight in Italy against the Covid-19 virus.

The new issue of the weekly magazine directed by Simone Marchetti, on newsstands for March 25 for two weeks, whose entire proceeds from sales at newsstands will be donated to 'Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital in Bergamo, one of the most troubled at the moment.

“Bergamo and its hospitals found themselves unwillingly at the center of an unprecedented health earthquake. The test to which the whole territory is subjected is very hard, and the health facilities are our first line. Doctors and nurses are doing the impossible. We must give them all the support they can. Men and means are needed to face a need for treatment that is greater than the current possibilities, even if multiplied since the beginning of the emergency. Thanks therefore to Vanity Fair and the Condé Nast Group for putting themselves at our side, with the strength of their communication channels and with a generosity that does them honor "comments Giorgio Gori, mayor of Bergamo.

On the cover of the issue is Caterina Conti, a 39-year-old pulmonologist, a doctor from the Bergamo hospital, engaged in the facility that more than any other, to date, has reached the limit of ICU admissions.

And if in the previous issue #IoSonoMilano was shrieked on the cover, (hashtag that on Instagram from Milan arrived throughout Italy and then bounced around the world in a universal chorus of voices, famous and not, also reposted by great international personalities), the new cover reads #IOCISONO, a message of presence and civil and human commitment that becomes a heroic example.

“But don't call these doctors, nurses, workers and volunteers heroes because they don't want to be called that themselves. They are professionals with an incredible sense of duty, workers to the extreme of strength and possibilities. For us, they become the reflection of a strong and hopeful Italy, a country that has always been able to overcome the most difficult moments. Their stories and businesses, all narrated in this issue, become a human novel that will accompany us forever, not only in the days of this emergency " Simone Marchetti, director of Vanity Fair.

The issue recounts the daily battles of those struggling with an unprecedented emergency. Among the many stories of courage, there is that of a family of pharmacists from Salerno who continues to work for the community despite the fact that his daughter is in precautionary isolation ;; that of a cashier and a newsagent in contact with the public every day; that of an employee of a factory that produces basic necessities; that of a volunteer who in the Marche brings drugs home to immunosuppressed people; and that of a general practitioner from the province of Brescia who talks about the difficulty of this moment.

A special edition that collects success stories, dedication and strength, such as that of Professor Tiberio, who has converted a resuscitation department of the hospital of Padua, or Patrizia Barbieri, mayor of Piacenza, with the testimony from the quarantine of a woman who does not give up, and the solidarity shown by the restaurants and chefs who cook for free for doctors.

In addition to the interviews with Gennaro Arma, Commander of the Diamond Princess who has just returned to Italy, commended for the courageous quarantine on the ship moored in Yokohama, and Daniela Trabattoni, cardiologist of Monzino, the number contains the testimonies of Chiara Gamberale, Cesare Cremonini, Daria Bignardi, and a short story written for Vanity Fair by the writer Eshkol Nevo on the world situation at the time of Covid-19.

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