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Rolls of veal and courgette tuna

You can call him vitello tonnato or vitel tonnè or vitel tonnà, the substance changes little, different names for a single dish, very Italian and tasty, classically based on veal and tuna sauce. There are those who claim that vitello tonnato, traditional Piedmontese, is not made with the mayonnaise, but with a tuna sauce based on anchovies and capers, softened with the cooking sauce. Who, instead, has his own home version of the vitello tonnato add boiled eggs, carrots or boiled potatoes or other vegetables. In reality vitello tonnato and the vitel tonné they are not the same thing, in fact the latter is a dish of Savoyard origin from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, whose name, maccheronico-sabaudo francesismo, derives from the French tannè, tanned, arranged but also dark, therefore to be understood as a veal in dark sauce which is in fact the color of the sauce given by anchovies. However, the two recipes have common points, confusion that has generated the infinite variations of this recipe

The recipe of vitello tonnato, over time, at the hands of creative chefs, it has undergone variations and modifications that today make us appreciate it in a modern version, without forgetting its nature: a second dish of cold meat, tasty, perfect for summer, delicious and ideal also as an appetizer, at any time of the year for special occasions or holidays such as Ferragosto, Easter or Christmas

Despite some recent interpretations, such as the use of pork fillet or turkey breast (cheaper), cooks and housewives generally agree on the use of the classic cut: the magatello or walker of veal, lean and obtained from the thigh

If you want to prepare the traditional veal with tuna sauce you must first have time to follow the cooking of the meat, boiling it at a very low heat. It is then left to cool strictly in its broth before slicing it and only at this point the very thin slices of veal are obtained from the magatello and are sprinkled on the platter of abundant tuna sauce which makes them less dry and tasty: click here, discover how to serve veal with tuna sauce with the advice of Salt and pepper

If you prefer, a lighter tanned calf, with less tuna sauce but equally tasty, you can cook the magatello "roast”, In this way the slices of meat will have a more rosy color in the center and resulting softer and juicy, so you can reduce the amount of tuna sauce: read the recipe of braised veal with salt and pepper sauce

The vitello tonnato it's a great dish, let's face it, but you have to know how to do it well if you want to demonstrate your skill in the kitchen, especially if you have demanding guests at the table. So, if you are not very practical in the kitchen but don't want to give up a classic holiday dish, you can try to prepare simple variants of vitello tonnato but equally of extraordinary taste. Proof of this is the recipe of the rotolini with veal tuna and zucchini from Sale & Pepe: thin slices of carpaccio of veal rolled up to form a roll enclosing a veil of tuna sauce and zucchini. The result is a 2.0 calf tonnato, light, with an amazing taste that is really enjoyable to consume it especially on the hottest days: simple and refined!

Salt and pepper always finds the most delicious solution for everyone, even for the vitello tonnato there is the perfect variant that is right for you: discover in this session some of the best veal tonnato recipes of Salt and pepper, we are sure that you will find your perfect recipe or the right ideas to amaze your guests: from today your favorite dish will be vitello tonnato!

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