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Savory breakfast for young and old. For a different flavor to give to the day. Here are 10 tasty suggestions

Do you want a rich and different breakfast? Are you tired of the usual Italian breakfast with jam or milk / yogurt and cereal bread? Here are 10 ideas to make one savory breakfast very tasty.

Are you among the lucky ones who are enjoying a few days off? Very well, then you will have some time for breakfast to start the day with more energy and sprint.
If you are sure that nothing can ever replace the brioche with cappuccino on waking and strictly at the bar, you will discover that a cheese toast or a rich omelette can be valid substitutes from time to time and that sitting down for breakfast is not so bad!

1 egg one thousand recipes

If you think about it, with a egg you can really do everything, especially at breakfast.
You can boil it for good if you want it hard, or just for a few minutes if you like it with a soft heart. You can toss it in the pan for the perfect American breakfast along with some crispy bacon; or you can cook it on the pan to consume it with toasted bread. But if you have time you can prepare stuffed omelettes, pancakes with vegetables; or small omelettes.
And if you don't want to eat too many eggs during the week, and therefore too much fat, use only the egg white that is cholesterol free.

All in one

Always try to bring a full meal to the table, even for breakfast.
What does it mean complete?
It means that it contains all the nutrients, ie carbohydrates, proteins and fats.
Then always combine bread with a protein like salmon, sliced ​​turkey and eggs, and good fats such as peanut or almond butter, extra virgin olive oil or avocado.
Always choose whole grain or cereal bread and warm it to make it more digestible.

Good morning children!

Children especially love the savory breakfast because they like to change and experiment every day. You don't have to invent some kind of recipe to make them happy: a simple slice of bread with oil and tomato will make them jump for joy. Wasn't this your favorite snack in the summer?
The secret of this dish? The tomato must be strictly rubbed on the slice, just like the grandmothers used to do. We all know that children do not like skins and skins, do they?
Another perfect idea for children's savory breakfast is the classic toast with cooked ham and stringy cheese. Accompany everything with a juice or a homemade extract and the good morning will be full of energy.

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