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What are your favorite ingredients for your summer lunch break? When the temperatures are rising, the appetite goes down and the desire for fresh and light foods, able to nourish and hydrate the body without weighing it down. In addition, during the summer it often happens that we do not give ourselves time to stop to cook and so yes to the unique dishes to be enjoyed cold, perhaps intelligently using the leftovers from the night before, to save precious minutes and enjoy our free time to the fullest . Here are the easy ideas for cold unique dishes perfect for the summer.

Love for the salad

Of lettuce and vegetables, pasta or rice: in all its countless variations the salad is the dish of the moment. Yes, because it allows us to play with so many ingredients and discover a different taste every time. Experiment with wellness variations and your body will thank you. An example? The rice salad: excellent classic recipe with cheese cubes, ham and pickles, however you can create a delicious alternative by choosing Venere rice, prawns and many grilled or steamed vegetables cut into cubes. Excellentsummer quinoa salad with avocado and rice, typical of Mexico and able to bring to the table the aroma of the holidays. Add the beneficial power of aromatic herbs and spices, such as turmeric or chilli, and you're done. If you are looking for a simple and fast single dish for the lunch break try the couscous. Have you ever tasted it with fish? Versatile and easy to cook, the couscous is excellent combined with vegetables, cooked or raw, meat, seafood.


Cooking with leftovers

Before rushing to do the shopping, take a look at the fridge. Looking good among the pantry shelves it is almost always possible to find some useful ingredients for a tantalizing recipe. The dry bread? Don't throw it away: the ancient Tuscan tradition of panzanella teaches that with chopped stale bread together with tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and basil, you get a rustic dish from the poor kitchen, fresh, rich in aromas and flavors, inexpensive. If you're planning to cook a protein-based second tonight, remember to keep a portion of it for tomorrow: chicken and salmon steaks are also great the next day, to be enjoyed cold, in a fancy lettuce, rocket and olive salad and corn. One of the most popular dishes of the summer is the vitello tonnato, but those who want to avoid mayonnaise can focus on the antioxidant effect of a healthy fresh fish tartare or seafood salad seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and fresh lemon juice.

The power of aromatic herbs

It's pesto time: of basil and more. In its interesting variations, from rocket to fresh coriander, pesto brings with it the intense aromas of aromatic plants, which during the summer triumph with vitality. Good for pasta, but also for piadina or toast, pesto becomes the ingredient for a tasty spelled salad, or the prelude to happy hour, in which to serve it with homemade sauces.

Fresh mint, onion (precious for the purifying action), zucchini: have you ever tried the cold soup? Prepare it the night before and the next day pour it into a jar that you can also take with you to work. Ideal for a lunch break in the name of wellness, the zucchini cream soup, to be tasted cold, is detox and refreshing. Alternatively, try the Spanish recipe of gazpacho, a bit of a bit of soup drink: ripe tomatoes, the fresh taste of cucumber, onion, all blended together, become a thirst quenching drink to keep in the fridge and serve with an ice cube.

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