Tuscany, a day to talk about good food, territory and taste for life – Italian Cuisine

Tuscany, a day to talk about good food, territory and taste for life

The year of food, in Siena, closes on Monday with a special event and many guests: Philippe Daverio, the chefs of Vetrina Toscana, experts in food and wine tourism

The year dedicated to Italian food closes in beauty, with a day dedicated to the territory, food and wine and the art of taste, in a region that has made the link between food and culture one of its most appreciated features: Tuscany . In Siena, Monday 3 December, the former hospital of Santa Maria della Scala hosts a special event, with many guests: Tuscany, the art of taste, the taste of art, tourism, culture, enogastronomy and territory, organized by Vetrina Toscana, a Region and Unioncamere Toscana program.

The experiences of the chefs
At the Pellegrinaio, which houses one of the most important cycles of fifteenth-century Sienese frescoes, the art historian Philippe Daverio, in his lectio magistralis, he will talk about The Art of taste and living in Tuscany. During the next meeting, the chefs of Vetrina Toscana will present some experiences which recount the virtuous connection that can be established between art, culture, territory and food and wine. The work will be moderated by Fiammetta Fadda, contributing editor of "The Italian kitchen". Roberto Rossi, owner of the restaurant Silene, will talk about the territorial dimension of culture, Filippo Saporito of integration and mutual enhancement between museums and restaurants and Christian Borchi, of the ancient Porta di Levante of Vicchio, culture and typical products in the villages.

National and international trends in food and wine tourism
The presentation of data on food and wine tourism, interpreted by Professor Roberta Garibaldi, of the University of Bergamo, will serve to understand what are the national and international trends. We will also discuss the year of Italian food in Tuscany with Mauro Rosati, general manager of the Qualivita foundation, Stefano Ciuoffo, councilor for production activities, credit, tourism and trade in the Tuscany Region, and Marco Remaschi, councilor for agriculture of the Tuscany Region.

In the afternoon we will talk about the food and wine communication in the meetings From the story telling the menu: the art of knowing how to tell is Good practices of the beautiful country compared, where Sicily, Piedmont and Tuscany will talk about the topics of tourism and food and wine.

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