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The new food trend was born on social networks and to do it you just need a flatbread and any ingredient for the filling. The secret? A cut and a video to post online – like this one we made

We are beyond the recipe and the fetish ingredient. The trends raging on social networks are now gestures. Maybe with the pandemic you have to cook a little with what happens – or that is near the house – and therefore rather than praising exotic ingredients that are difficult to find, you prefer to offer "do-it-yourself" solutions that can be practiced with more or less anything.
The last case is that of triangular wraps, which are nothing more than a way to fold into four wraps or tortillas. The secret? In a cut that allows you to roll up in four flat bread and stuff it with as many different layers e without the "explosion" effect when you try to bite into it.

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I'm not about Instagram, or rather it is a consequence of the viral phenomenon that appeared on Tik Tok at the end of 2020, which went viral as "tortilla wrap hack”, Where tortilla stands for piadina, wrap for folded and hack for cut. Banana, chocolate cream, cream and peanut butter; raw ham, mozzarella, salad and tomato; sauteed rice, cheese, beans and chicken for a burrito version. It is stuffed, folded and straightened or heated in a non-stick pan.

Quick lunch, snack but above all perfect Millannials food to cook under the watchful eye of a Reel or Tik Tok and to post on social media. Recipe? Let's not joke, whatever can be good in combination, the secret is all in the technique. The filling is so irrelevant that there are those who use hamburgers, pizza and fried chicken from the most famous fast food chains …
To understand how to do it, our stylist Beatrice Prada thought about it and the invitation is to try and share the video quickly. Because the trend is viral, therefore very fast in growing and equally easy to forget.

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