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How to cut sugar after the holidays: 5 tips from the expert – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

La Cucina Italiana

The most popular question every January is: how to cut sugar after the holidays. In fact, the Christmas holidays are one of the periods of the year in which, more than others, there are real feasts of sugarspresent not only in panettone, nougats, sweets, but also in unexpected foods such as cotechino, zampone, cheeses and cured meats.

Limiting the consumption of foods rich in them immediately after the holidays is essential not only to avoid the risk of gaining many extra kilos, but also to avoid putting your health at risk. Frequent and exaggerated consumption of these nutrients in fact favors weight gain, but also the onset of disorders and pathologies such as hyperglycemia, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, insulin resistance, mood and even tumors.

Here then how to cut sugar after the holidays according to the nutritionist’s advice Valentina Galiazzospecialist in clinical biochemistry.

How to cut sugar after the holidays in 5 tips

1. Limit consumption of dates and other rich foods

Dried fruit is much higher in carbohydrates than fresh fruit. For this reason it is necessary to eat it paying more attention to how it is consumed. «To avoid the risk of exaggerating with sugars, the ideal is to prefer those that have a lower glycemic index such as dried and natural apricots and plums, says the nutritionist Valentina Galiazzo. Then pay attention to the quantities. «To limit the consumption of sugars you need to ingest them a maximum of 30 grams per day and never at the end of the meal.”

2. Choose wholemeal bread for breakfast

«Granola, muesli and breakfast cereals in general often contain high quantities of added sugars including fructose and sucrose, which increase blood sugar peaks. A trick to cut the amount of sugar in your daily diet is to replace it with wholemeal bread, even better if stale and toasted, which has a lower glycemic index.”

3. Be careful with vegetable drinks

«Some vegetable drinks based on soy, coconut, almonds can provide a higher sugar content than that of milk of animal origin, explains nutritionist Valentina Galiazzo. «For this reason, before purchasing them, it is always a good idea to carefully read the information on the packaging and give priority to products that provide less sugar to avoid the risk of adding excessive amounts of sugar to the menus.

4. Consume more oranges and less juice

«Not only ready-made fruit juices, but also freshly squeezed citrus fruit juices have a high sugar content, including glucose and fructose, which the body assimilates quickly also due to the absence of fibre. It is better to consume more whole fruit which, thanks to the fibre, allows you to avoid sudden increases in blood sugar.”

5. Avoid sweetening your coffee

Even if you can’t do without classic white sugar, to reduce sugars, use spices instead of sweeteners. «They improve the flavor of drinks without increasing the sugar intake in the daily diet. Which ones to use? «Star anise is a very suitable spice for correcting the bitter taste of coffee, especially after lunch. It provides substances that, unlike sugars, facilitate digestion.”

Tortilla wrap hack: the cut that depopulated on Tik Tok – Italian Cuisine

The new food trend was born on social networks and to do it you just need a flatbread and any ingredient for the filling. The secret? A cut and a video to post online – like this one we made

We are beyond the recipe and the fetish ingredient. The trends raging on social networks are now gestures. Maybe with the pandemic you have to cook a little with what happens – or that is near the house – and therefore rather than praising exotic ingredients that are difficult to find, you prefer to offer "do-it-yourself" solutions that can be practiced with more or less anything.
The last case is that of triangular wraps, which are nothing more than a way to fold into four wraps or tortillas. The secret? In a cut that allows you to roll up in four flat bread and stuff it with as many different layers e without the "explosion" effect when you try to bite into it.

I am a Food Blog

I'm not about Instagram, or rather it is a consequence of the viral phenomenon that appeared on Tik Tok at the end of 2020, which went viral as "tortilla wrap hack”, Where tortilla stands for piadina, wrap for folded and hack for cut. Banana, chocolate cream, cream and peanut butter; raw ham, mozzarella, salad and tomato; sauteed rice, cheese, beans and chicken for a burrito version. It is stuffed, folded and straightened or heated in a non-stick pan.

Quick lunch, snack but above all perfect Millannials food to cook under the watchful eye of a Reel or Tik Tok and to post on social media. Recipe? Let's not joke, whatever can be good in combination, the secret is all in the technique. The filling is so irrelevant that there are those who use hamburgers, pizza and fried chicken from the most famous fast food chains …
To understand how to do it, our stylist Beatrice Prada thought about it and the invitation is to try and share the video quickly. Because the trend is viral, therefore very fast in growing and equally easy to forget.

Healthy Fast Food

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The first school in Italy to learn how to cut sparkling wine is born – Italian Cuisine

The Sabrage Academy inaugurates its courses that will tell the world of bubbles, starting from the secrets to open a bottle with the spectacular sciabolata

The secret is all in the gesture. And yes, even in love for the bubbles quality. There is no alternative that takes, the sabrage – for friends "The sciabolata" – it is without any doubt the most suggestive and scenographic method to open one sparkling wine. The saber caresses the neck of the bottle, back and forth, back and forth, until the decisive moment in which the click of the wrist finds the exact point where the blade and the glass must meet: it is then that the ring and the cap come off suddenly, and the magic of this fascinating ritual it takes place between toasts and collective applauses.

Yes, but learning to manage everything, in total safety, and without wasting bottles on bottles to proceed with various attempts and errors, can prove to be a bit difficult. For this reason, thanks to the idea of ​​the journalist, writer and wine tutor Francesca Negri, the very first is ready to be born Sabrage Academy Italian: a traveling school that will take care not only to teach the secrets for the perfect slash, but also to give its students the basics to make their way in the fascinating world of bubbles. "Sabrage Academy is born from the desire to divulge the sabrage ritual, to understand its meaning and value, in a historical moment in which saber has become more of a show, if not a freak", underlines Francesca Negri.

Here then is that with the participation of a team of industry professionals, including also Manlio Giustiniani, professor FIS (Italian Sommelier Foundation) and great Champagne expert, lesson participants will be able to learn more about Franciacorta, Trentodoc and other European excellences on the sparkling wines front, discover the secrets to best serve a glass of sparkling wine, learn the differences between the Classic Method and the Martinotti Method (already, the one with which prosecco is produced). In addition, of course, to deepen the history and technique of the sabrage, with a lot of practise.

At the end of the intensive course, of a total duration of about 2 hours and with a cost of 250 euros, participants will receive a Sabreur diploma, a saber-printed saber "Sabrage Academy" and a pair of gloves to perform the ritual even at home with elegance and maximum security. The very first lesson is scheduled at Trento for September 5, and then away, with a full calendar of dates throughout Italy that will be gradually communicated on official website of the initiative.

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