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There is a scent of Christmas in the air, in the true sense of the word: here are the new Christmas candles signed by Yankee Candles

Don't be afraid to admit it: who knows the Yanke Candle has – at least once in his life – spent hours sniffing all the candles available in the shop one by one. Conversely, if you still don't know what it is, get ready to add a new item to your dependency list.

Have you ever wondered what it smells like "A child's dream" or "A midsummer night"? Yankee candles know this. And in the same way they are able to enclose in a small glass jar the scent of the magic of Christmas, that of one sudden snowfall or that of the typical ones carols of holidays. What is the secret ingredient of these so original fragrances? The right combination of natural extracts, the evocative use of titles, the bright colors and the images depicted on the product: this is how a Yankee candle manages to release in the air the precise sensation that is expected after choosing it, arousing memories and transporting us to distant places.

Christmas Candles: Yankee Candle Christmas 2020

An example? The candle Christmas hearth it recalls a meeting around the fireplace thanks to the aromas of anise, cinnamon, cloves, cedar wood and vanilla cream. The angel wings they smell of cotton candy, light blue flower petals and vanilla. THE carols they are evoked by eucalyptus, fir, juniper, blackberry, cedar and pine.

But the proposals are not limited to the most dreamy and abstract ones. Let's move on to the more “greedy” side of these candles: among the fragrances inspired by ingredients is recipes for all seasons, there is no shortage of those dedicated to Christmas. Gingerbread Cookies, Christmas cookies, grilled apples is Christmas morning punch are some of the fragrances available this year, even in special advent calendars. In gallery above you will find all the 2020 Christmas Yankee Candles with their respective ingredients, to create the Christmas atmosphere in your home, or as a gift.

Yankee Candle Christmas 2020
Yankee Candle Christmas 2020

Why all these Christmas candles? As told on the official website, the history of this brand is strongly linked to the Christmas holidays: "One December, a 16-year-old student was looking for inspiration for a gift, and Christmas was upon us. She decided to make a candle for her mom with her own hands, as it would be a completely unique and personal gift. Using the everyday materials he found in the kitchen, household wax, a red wax crayon, string and a milk carton, he produced his first candle. " Mike Kittredge opened a small shop in 1969. Today Yankee Candle is among the largest companies in the world to produce candles, made with food paraffin (the one that is also used to cover cheese), wick in 100% pure cotton, essential oils and natural extracts.

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