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Friulian tosella is a typical Malga cheese that can be accompanied with polenta and cream for a tasty and easy to prepare recipe

There Friulian cuisine it is full of dishes with an intense flavor, recipes designed for long cold season: this is the case, for example, of the Friulian tosella with cream, a plate of polenta. precisely accompanied, by the tosella, a cheese that is produced in the Alpine pastures, in northern Friuli, during the mountain pasture period, which runs from April to September.

A perfect dish for a lunch or dinner to be consumed slowly, sitting at the table between a chat and another.

tosella typical friuli cheese

The recipe of fiosana tosella with cream


To prepare the Friulian cream tosella they will serve you: 600 g of cornmeal for polenta, 120 g of cooking cream, 350 g of tosella, 120 g of butter, salt.


The preparation of the Friulian cream tosella starts naturally with that of the polenta. The first step, therefore, is to boil 2 liters of water in a large pot, salt it with a teaspoon of salt and pour the cornmeal mixing vigorously. Polenta usually must cook for at least 45 minutes, the advice is to follow the cooking times indicated on the package and mix frequently to obtain a homogeneous compound without lumps.

When the ideal cooking time for polenta is just a few minutes away, it's time to prepare the other ingredients. Cut the tosella into slices and put it with the butter cut into pieces, in a pan over low heat. Just brown the tosella for a few minutes and then add the cream and stir vigorously for two minutes.

When the polenta is ready, it can be added to the camposto with tosella and cream directly on the plate to bring to the table.

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