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The ragù lucano is a typical recipe of the culinary tradition of Basilicata and is prepared with pork, bacon, ripe tomatoes, cinnamon and parsley

The strozzapreti with ragù lucano are a recipe of the traditional cuisine of the Basilicata from rich flavor and decided
It starts from a important sauce which includes an unusual ingredient such as cinnamon.
According to tradition, to keep company with the Lucan ragù there are strozzapreti: an ancient format of short pasta similar to fusilli, but much larger and less rolled up. They are so called to make fun of the priests of the past – notoriously greedy – who would have had difficulty eating them given their size particularly bulky.

strozzapreti fresh pasta from Basilicata

In potentino dialect this dish is called 'ndruppeche, or strozzapreti with ragu snag and prepares in the period of Carnival, confirming how it is a extremely tasty recipe and suitable for Shrove Tuesday, but also for all Sunday lunches that crowd the tables of southern Italy.

Lucanian ragout: the recipe


To prepare the traditional Lucanian ragù you will need: 600 g of pork (preferably the pulp), 150 g of sliced ​​bacon, 350 g of ripe tomatoes, 100 g of pecorino cheese, cinnamon powder, 3 cloves of garlic, red wine, salt, pepper, parsley and extra virgin olive oil.


The first thing to do to prepare the Lucanian ragù is flatten with a rolling pin pork and season with minced garlic, parsley and grated pecorino cheese. Then add the finely chopped bacon and a sprinkling of cinnamon. The meat should then be rolled up and tied with del kitchen wire before putting it to cook in a pan with oil and garlic. The pork meat must brown for about five minutes, then half is added glass of good red wine and you have to cook for another 10 minutes.

Only at this point must i be added tomatoes in the pot. The Lucanian ragù must cook a slow fire for about 45 minutes, adjusting salt and pepper if necessary.

The advice is to serve hot on the strozzapreti to allow it to bind perfectly to the plate.

How to prepare strozzapreti instead?

Anyone wishing to try their hand at preparing strozzapreti at home must know that this type of fresh pasta – like many preparations of the first courses of southern Italy – does not require eggs.


500 g of 00 flour, 250 ml of warm water, salt.


To prepare the fresh pasta that will accompany the Lucanian ragù we start flattening the flour on a shelf with a hole in the center, the lukewarm water is slowly poured and the dough is kneaded with the hands, as tradition dictates. When the compound is homogeneous and without lumps it should be given the shape of a ball and go covered with a cloth to let it rest for about 30 minutes.

At this point, the dough should be rolled out with a thickness of about 2.5 mm and 2 cm wide strips must be cut out. The strips are then rolled up on themselves and, rubbing them in your hands, pieces sizes of about 5 centimeters. Place the strozzapreti on one baking tray with flour and cook them in boiling salted water. Once afloat the pasta will be ready for the "marriage" with the ragù.

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