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In his AlpiNN restaurant, the three-star chef serves filtered tap water, a sustainable project in line with his culinary philosophy Cook the Mountain

For the South Tyrolean chef Norbert Niederkofler, awarded with three Michelin stars with the restaurant St. Hubertus and founder of the culinary philosophy Cook the Mountain, the biggest challenge of the future is there'water: "It represents the most critical resource of our time," he explained. "We must therefore learn to manage it differently to leave a better world for future generations." And since the chef's idea of ​​cooking is to promote good practices that have a positive socio-economic impact on the entire planet using, for example, local and seasonal resources, with attention to waste and the reuse of waste , the water served at his restaurant AlpiNN Food Space & Restaurant di Marebbe (Bz) is that of the tap.

Filtered water, environmentally friendly and supportive

Thanks to filter system of the BWT company, the local of Niederkofler for a year he has abandoned the bottles and works with quality water obtained from the tap, neutral and free of substances that alter the taste, optimizing the use of a purely local resource and significantly reducing waste production and CO 2 emissions linked to transport. Not only that: a percentage of the earnings from the sale of every liter of BWT water from AlpiNN comes donated to non-profit institutions and to projects such as, for example, eWater pay – initiative promoted by BWT in Gambia and other African countries, aimed at guaranteeing sources of drinking water.


Waiting for Care's

The renewal of the collaboration between the chef and the company for this project "Bottle Free Zone" it was announced on 20 January in the BWT showroom, during the press conference to present the next edition of CARE'S – The ethical Chef Days, which will take place from 26 to 29 March 2020 in the magical places of the Plan de Corones area in South Tyrol, "home" of the star chef. This year the theme will be "CARE's after CARE's – Re-actions speaklouder than words" to promote good practices, lifestyles to face the problems of our time.

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