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Stomach acidity, what and how to eat

Does food inflammation exist? Obviously! Food is our body before it becomes our body. And some foods tend to be inflammatory for the body theto gastritis, the inflammation of the gastric mucosa that covers the stomach walls, comes with burning and acidity.

After learning the right foods pto avoid that there our belly Yes bloated, we see the right ones – and wrong – if we suffer from burning e stomach acid (heartburn), an extremely widespread disorder that it doesking usually about an hour after eating the meal (the abdominal swelling there is often associated). That does not create malaise only in the region of the stomach but also in theesophagus, since i acidic gastric juices (which are more than our digestive process requires) cross the cardia – valve that separates the stomach from the esophagus – and expand upwards, in areas where normally they shouldn't just circulate. Then if they reach the throat, then we are at the mercy of esophageal reflux.

Pwhy all this? If it's occasional, we don't worry, it can be a heavy meal. But if the trouble is chronic, or we are in the presence of a specific pathology (for example a hiatal hernia or a bacterium) or there is something wrong with our food (and in our lifestyle).

Before we eat, let's take care of the how to eat: plain. Of course, easier said than done for those who are voracious by nature, but if the result is that we feel as if a fire had broken out inside us and the acid invades us (and perhaps generates bad sleep), it can be worth penalty of put your teeth to forced labor. And then: not too much, especially in the evening. Try to eat in relaxation, with an environment and times that favor the meal as a moment of detachment from racing and from stress daily: take this rule as a therapy prescribed, since it is often the stress that makes the stomach burn. Moreover, few different foods at the same meal and above all do not mix the protein. Simplicity.

Pwe then arliamo of bad non-food habits: cigarette at the end of a meal is lethal due to stomach acid. Know this. Moreover, forbidden to collapse son the couch after the meal, in a position that compresses the stomach. Better to take a stroll and never go to bed as soon as you finish eating!

Let's now analyze the food in itself. In general, how much more is a food rich in raw substances is vital (with exceptions, like that of tomato, which should be better cooked) and much more the food turns out anti-inflammatory. On the contrary foods very industrially processed they already tend to be inflammatory, with their additives, chemical sweeteners and excess salt.

THEand dishes too cseasonings of seasoning they are problematic, as well as carried weighed and fat such as fried and meat (mostly red and fat, in fact) but also cold cuts and melting and spicy cheeses. A lean steak however, beef with olive oil is good; a costata of roasted pork, absolutely not. As condiments, extra virgin olive oil and if ever apple vinegar (good). Cow's milk? At risk.

Simple sugars and acid foods they are a combination lethal: avoid like the plague, especially if the process digestive is in place at that time. Which includes not only the cup of sweetened coffee but also the fresh fruit (Raw) usually highly recommended, it is in this case to be taken with caution. eat it away from meals, choosing however the one less charged with fructose, such as kiwi and strawberries. Then the papaya is excellent; the banana is fine, but do not overdo it. To avoid citrus fruits, raw tomatoes, the fruit too sugary like persimmons and also grapes, melons and watermelons. If so – understandably! – you are tempted by one juice, drink it away from meals and choose the sweetest oranges possible.

And about the vegetables? Possibly issues lettuce, arugula and radicchio, savoy cabbage &, certainly pepperoniBetter cooked that raw (also carrots and onions). Good instead the fennel. THE legumes I am at risk: eliminate the cuticle or reduce it to mashed potato.

Used many herbs not to go down heavy with salt and spices like turmeric and sweet curry, which help, as well as ginger. That said, not over-spicy and have pity on you with spicy foods (no black pepper).

Generally good instead cereals, to cement a healthy base is the dry foods like pasta, bread (the crust!), rice and potatoes. But if the latter are quite bomb-proof, grains containing gluten – starting from the wheat – they are not optimal for everyone (intolerances apart), as well as the integral ones. At risk also bakery products leavened , starting from Pizza: to have fewer problems, choose non-industrial ones, at low fresh ingredients and genuine, a long leavening and well cooked. No problem, however, for i bakery products dry like grissinthe and rusks.

As regards the drinks, basically we should limit ourselves towater – maybe 'conditto', for example an infusion with calming herbs and digestive such as chamomile, lemon balm, mallow, altea, plantain or linden. Nor to carbonated drinks is alcohol.

A final rule: more than ever, ascoltatevi! The more foods are difficult for you from digest, plus they will potentially give you burning and acidity problems if you are suffering. But the digestibility is subjective, therefore pay attention to yourself and your reactions with various foods to choose the diet that is right for you now.

Did we talk about the final … a beautiful After eight to end the meal in style? Nooooooooo !!! Do you remember the cardias, the valvolina that it is better not to open if the acids knock? Well, chocolate and mint they stimulate you to let yourself go … do you gothe!

Carola Traverso Saibante
December 2019


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