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There are bottles and bottles. In this rum we found an incredible story to drink with lots of ice (and a desire to change the world)

Rum Santa Teresa: amber color and tending to red, aroma fruity with wood notes, resulting from long aging in oak barrels. Taste complex, toasted and smoked, with hints of bitter chocolate, honey, plum, walnuts, cinnamon, vanilla, tobacco, leather and pepper.

Why: it is soft, dry and well balanced. It can be enjoyed alone, but only after having heard the story.

What makes it unique: its unmistakable taste, of course. But also the crazy story contained in each bottle. Alberto Vollmer Herrera, CEO of Santa Teresa, changed the fortunes of the company one night in 2003, when three guys attacked a company security man to steal his gun. The young criminals were given the risky proposal to avoid prison if they had agreed to work for Alberto Vollmer Herrera, in the same place they had attacked. From this was born the Alcatraz Project, today one of the most rigorous and demanding national and international social reintegration programs. But also among the most effective. Since the start of the project, over 200 young people have been recovered, who have contributed to triggering an unprecedented virtuous circle. Thanks to their commitment in hacienda, the crime rate has been reduced by 90% in Revenga (city of Santa Teresa). At the base of the success of the project a unique combination of education, work and sport, rugby in particular. The success of the formula led to the birth of the Invictus project which allows more than 300 prisoners in 8 different penitentiary centers to practice rugby and hope for social reintegration.

Photo: Alejandro van Schermbeek

On the rocks: we tasted this rum in the most classic cocktails, but it was the pure tasting on a large ice cube that convinced us even more. A meditative glass, intense and positive, to drink by giving great speeches and thinking about tomorrow. Even on days when everything seems black and the story of Alberto Vollmer Herrera urges us to turn difficulties into possibilities.

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