Quick and easy recipes for the New Year's menu – Italian Cuisine

Quick and easy recipes for the New Year's menu

The December 31st for many it is a working day. If you do not have much time to cook, but you do not want to give up preparing the last year's dinner at home, choose for your New Year's menu simple and quick recipes to realize.

A food that can not miss on the New Year's table is it trotter or the cotechino. The difference between the two sausages is simple, lies in the wrapping that covers them. The zampone, as the name suggests, is contained in the front paw of the pig. To obtain a container, the paw is carefully cleaned and gutted, leaving rinds, nails and fingers. The cotechino instead is inserted in a casing, natural or artificial, and therefore aesthetically resembles more to a normal salami or a ciauscolo. The internal pulp does not differ between cotechino and zampone and is a tasty meat mix of lean pork fat, coarsely chopped, finely minced pork rind, various spices (pepper, nutmeg, cloves and what the butcher prefers).

The zampone is more caloric than cotechino because during cooking, the rind of the leg releases the fat. The cotechino is therefore a bit 'more delicate, although you always speak of a substantial food to make a full of energy in winter. Going for simplifications, the zampone is a strong food for men, the cotechino is more for female palates.
Do not confuse the zampone with the paw, which is always the paw of the pig, but fresh and without "stuffing", a simple part of the body of the animal to cook as it is.

With zampone and cotechino can not miss the lentils! You can accompany them to the two typical sausages of Christmas, for example for a tasty first course like i garganelli with sausage ragù or le millefeuille with cotechino and lentils, but you can also use them to cook easy and original recipes for the appetizer. Here they are to form some polenta and cotechino tartine simple and choreographic or of the small boats.

In the Italian tradition the most used lentils are the green ones, which have the characteristic of remaining compact even after cooking. The most valuable? There "Gigante" of Altamura, Pugliese, larger in size than the common green lentils, and the lentils from Castelluccio di Norcia, Umbrian village hit by the earthquake that proudly continues its excellent production: the lentils of Castelluccio have such a thin and soft skin that they can be cooked directly without soaking, reducing the preparation time. So you can have more time for yourself to get ready for the New Year's party.

If you want to give a refined and elegant touch to your dinner, opt for opening the evening with del fish. Serve the scallops au gratin, very quick to prepare and always impressive.

For dessert, nothing easier: re-uses the advanced Christmas pandoro to create desserts such as pandoro tiramisu with strawberries or apple, pandoro and cinnamon crumble.

Scroll through the recipes we offer you, choose the dishes that most intrigue you and organize an unforgettable New Year's Eve dinner!


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