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Night menu before exams – Italian Cuisine

Night menu before exams

The night before maturity is an important moment to share. Here is the perfect menu to reassure, pamper and relax a little

"Night of tears and prayers, mathematics will never be my job." Antonello Venditti has crystallized the emotions of the night before the exams in a song capable of telling the mixture of fear, emotion, enthusiasm and tension that every boy experiences the night before maturity. IS how to prepare with them, with a light, tasty and fresh dinner that does not weigh them down with too many calories, but that at the same time knows how to distract them gratifying eyes and palate?

Fish, fruit and vegetables are recommended for a menu low in calories and fat, but often do not arouse the enthusiasm of the boys who tend instead to ask for the most comforting of the pizzas, a well-padded sandwich to eat on the books during the last desperate review or a pasta with tomatoes, looking for those cuddles that will not have the courage to ask out loud. And so we thought of a light dinner, but at the same time full of references to comfort food, which does not suffer from heat and does not engage us in a long digestion, but which knows how to make the mature students feel safe thanks to a journey through flavors and colors that will lighten the tension of dinner.

It starts with a simple and tasty appetizer: i perini on spicy bread bruschetta and i nachos with chopped tomatoes, anchovies and black olives. These dishes are perfect for starting dinner with appetizers and chatter, opening to other dishes in a summer and glamorous atmosphere that puts you in a good mood. The inevitable pasta is proposed in summer version with the recipe of the lightest cold pasta with ricotta pesto.
From here on it's time to cuddles: the Three-story Club Sandwich with chicken and avocado will know how to amaze and entertain the kids and to finish off in style, the chocolate biscuit with coconut ice cream which closes within itself the best a maturing can ask of a dessert. Chocolate, biscuit and ice cream come together in a fresh and fun dessert, perfect to close the dinner with sweetness and a few less thoughts.

Good luck!

The menu of the night before the exams

Menu based on cherries: all the recipes – Italian Cuisine

Menu based on cherries: all the recipes

No, we are not telling you to eat them all the time and only to break them, but to think that they can accompany every course, from appetizers to desserts. Such as? Here are some ideas

The harvest of cherries is about to end, but on our tables we will still have, fortunately, for quite a while. If you like to eat them alone, as a fruit after a meal or as a snack, why not even think about using them as ingredients in many dishes, sweet and savory?

Cherries can be enjoy in salads (here are some ideas), or they can accompany an entire menu. Cooked the right way, they go well with meat, with fish as well as being, of course, the main ingredient of many desserts.

Not counting all the varieties that can be used (tenerine is duracine, then marasche, amarene – many ideas to use them in savory dishes – and sour cherries) and their nutritional properties. I'm digestive, purifying, detoxifying, they contain a lot of fiber and not too many calories. I'm antioxidants thanks to anthocyanins and make benefits to the skin thanks to the presence of flavonoids, vitamin A and C.

Here five recipes to bring them to the table from the appetizer to the dessert.

Oldani pop menu to celebrate Franciacorta wines in New York – Italian Cuisine

Oldani pop menu to celebrate Franciacorta wines in New York

Davide Oldani, the star chef of pop cuisine, pays tribute to the Franciacorta Consortium with a dinner of delicate flavors at the Italian Consulate in New York

As Ambassador of Italian cuisine, the star chef Davide Oldani he served a special dinner with delicate flavors on the starched tablecloths of the Italian Consulate in New York to celebrate the wines Franciacorta, between a sparkle of glasses full of bubbles and white flower buds.

Organized by Franciacorta Consortium and with the honors of the Consul General of Italy in New York, Francesco Genuardi, the exclusive dinner for sixty guests including important journalists, personalities of the New York society and American influencers inaugurated the second edition of the Franciacorta Festival in New York. Twenty-five producers of the best Italian sparkling wines met last June 5th at The Redbury Hotel to present Italian wine excellence abroad. The festival, according to the president of the Consortium Silvano Brescianini, is part of an effort to promote Franciacorta wine in the United States, as well as in Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany and Canada, in nice competition with the fame of French champagne. "When we organize events abroad, it's a guaranteed success, "Said Brescianini. "Not all wine producers can count on a high level cuisine spread in the world like the Italian one. "

Chef Oldani he created his menu inspired by wine Franciacorta. An appetizer of Grana Padano Hot and cold reserve, with caramelized onion, it has been served in combination with Franciacorta Dosaggio Zero Guido Berlucchi Nature '61 of 2011. To follow a Risotto "al dente" with roasted seeds, fragrance of Arabica, blueberry accompanied by a Franciacorta Brut Fergettina Milledì 2014. As a second, the guests had the pleasure of enjoying a Beef in oil, with whitebait sauce, lettuce and thyme, together with a Franciacorta Riserva Ca ’del Bosco Annamaria Clementi 2009. And to refresh the palate at the end of dinner, for dessert a Mascarpone cream, basil biscuit and strawberries, served with a Franciacorta Rosè Demi Sec Majolini n.v.

"Food must be inclusive, not exclusive, "He said Oldani chef at the end of the dinner, to the applause of the diners. "My new Italian cuisine is pop, it's not traditional. Respect the seasons, respect work and respect my teacher Gualtiero Marchesi. Fewer fireworks and more substance. "

text by Bianca Giacobone

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