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The first restaurant with an ice cream menu: Gelato D'Essai – Italian Cuisine

From today we have a new excuse to eat more ice cream: the first restaurant opens with a menu where ice cream becomes the protagonist, and it's in Italy!

Is ice cream your favorite meal? Get ready, because your biggest dream has just come true. Opens Geppy Sferra's Gelato D’Essai to Rome, the first restaurant with a whole menu based on ice cream.

This is not the first experience for Geppy Sferra, who in 2011 had opened his first ice cream parlor in the same neighborhood, called Strawberry Fields. A great passion for the Homemade ice cream, expressed by constant research and experimentation, as well as the use of natural products.
In the new premises of Tor De ’Schiavi, recently inaugurated, it is possible not only to enjoy a cup or ice cream cone, but much more. One local, three souls: ice cream parlor, cafeteria and restaurant.

The ice cream menu

The same flavors of ice cream offered in ice cream parlors meet unexpected ingredients, thanks to games of flavors and temperatures. The gastronomic proposal comes from the union of ice cream makers Geppy Sferra, Alessio Schioppa e of the chef Marco Mezzaroma.

Geppy tells:"My desire is to seek a confluence between gastronomy and ice cream without altering the ice cream at all, but rather taking advantage of its particular qualities and putting them to use in preparations that, combining the methods and tastes of the culinary tradition, make us find out something about the ice cream we didn't know before.

In the restaurant, ice cream is paired with three gastronomic areas: The Gelato and the Garden, Ice Cream and the Sea, Il Gelato and the Fattoria. The flavors of ice cream are skillfully combined with seasonal and organic vegetables, but also with meat from animals raised in a semi-wild state and fish.

Among the menu proposals we find an inevitable protagonist of Roman cuisine, the artichoke, combined with a potato waffle with helichrysum and al licorice ice cream. Can not miss the Pizza, in this case stuffed with mortadella and bronte pistachio ice cream, but we also find exotic flavors like the chicken curry and coconut ice cream. We then move on to seafood cuisine, with dishes like the grilled sea bass and mustard sauce, truffle and honey with cocoa sorbet or it mackerel with sesame and baby spinach with coffee ice cream.

The menu is also completed with a limited selection of wines, to make the most of the particular offer of the restaurant.

Vegetarian menu for Easter: ideas and recipes – Italian Cuisine

Do you think it is impossible to prepare an Easter table without lamb or other meat? Find out why this is not the case

Traditionally Easter lunch interrupts the long fast of Lent. After 40 days of lean and light dishes here – finally – appear again on the tables meats, cold cuts, rich and abundant dishes and a riot of vegetables that celebrate the spring rebirth of nature. Even those who do not eat meat will be able to have a lucrative meal. Here are many ideas for a vegetarian Easter, more or less traditional.

Inevitable Easter

Easter is the egg feast in all forms: ideal for preparing appetizers and delicious and themed seconds. From omelettes to stuffed eggs, will be very useful to enrich all the dishes of your vegetarian Easter. Moreover, i artichokes, preferably fried or used as a condiment for tasty lasagne. Actually, view the abundance of vegetables which are usually brought to the table, even those who do not consume meat will have an easy life: asparagus, first beans, monk's beard and bitter herbs (chicory, dandelion, chicory) who remember the Passover, will make vegetarians happy and not only them. THE Easter banquets they are also accompanied – as if this were not enough – by gargantuan cold cuts and … cheeses of all types, the latter also appreciated by those who do not consume meat.

Traditional dishes for a vegetarian Easter

Even many regional dishes consumed on this occasion are already in themselves suitable for those who follow a green diet. Just think of the Crescia – a sort of "panettone" enriched with pecorino cheese and cheese – typical in the Aosta Valley and in the Marche or the famous Ligurian pasqualina cake: 33 (at least in theory) layers of pastry that contain a delicious filling of herbs or artichokes, ricotta (or prescinsêua, a typical curd cheese), marjoram and hard-boiled eggs.

Great classics in a veg key

Then there are a number of typical dishes that, without distorting the tradition too much, lend themselves to become suitable for a vegetarian Easter. The lasagna, for example, which often are not lacking on this occasion, are very good seasoned with artichokes and scamorza or with spinach and béchamel: two vegetarian versions that are also popular among omnivores. The crepes they are delicious and also Easter stuffed with asparagus it's a classic risotto with these tender spring buds always satisfies all the guests. Even the Stuffed eggsthen they can be stuffed with asparagus: blend the firm egg yolks with the steamed asparagus, salt, pepper and maybe a spoonful of robiola. Even if you are not a vegetarian, you will not miss the lamb with all these ideas for the "green" Easter.

Delicious menu for Mother's Day – Italian Cuisine

Prepare a tasty menu for Mother's Day, celebrate the most loved woman of your family, your mother or your children's mother: it's a beautiful idea! He will leave you a special memory of his party: the Mother's Day! Cooking for her means getting involved, taking care of the person you love, expressing all your love and gratitude in a dish

If you are looking special recipes for the Mother's Day or simple suggestions to prepare a dish to cook with the little ones at home, or to prepare "in secret" to surprise your mother with an unforgettable breakfast, lunch or dinner, then you're on top ten of Sale & Pepe right! The one who wants to help you prepare a menu worthy for your mother: the queen of the house!

It doesn't matter if you choose to prepare a complete menu or one flow. Even a single very special dish, if prepared with the heart, can be a welcome surprise for your mother to share with the whole family!

To start well on the day of Mother's Day, you can parry a good one Breakfast: an always winning idea for those who have children and want to involve them in preparing a surprise for mom, it is a pleasant memory that remains for the whole family! If your mother loves this time of day, have fun making one savory breakfast or if you like i cookies, Cuddle with simple ones shortbread cookies in the shape of a heart, made with the help of the little ones at home! For mothers who care about us and love doing healthy breakfasts, i fruit smoothies or one Ayurvedic drink, accompanied by a vegan briosche made by you, I'm the right choice! They give energy and well-being to face Mother's Day with sprint and balance.

If you have time and you like challenges in the kitchen or if the day of Mother's Day the whole family gathers, or the mothers of your family, then choose to prepare for the queens of the house a complete menu: appetizers, first courses, second courses and dessert. One suggestion is to prepare a fresh and tasty menu, suitable for the warm and sweet climate of the month of May. A fish menu it is perfect for this season and for an important lunch but, if not all the diners like it, you can choose one more classic menu with a second of meat but, avoid preparing dishes that are too elaborate and rich in fat. Instead, you prefer vegetables and food products of this season are definitely the most suitable ingredients to prepare the menu for Mother's Day. Asparagus, onions, peas, fava beans, artichokes, green beans, and the first vegetables from the garden are perfect for preparing appetizing appetizers but also tasty first dishes, vegetarian seconds or delicious side dishes for roasted of all kinds!

For a worthy end to a lunch or dinner for the Mother's Day you can't miss the dessert! The sweets for Mother's Day are perhaps the dishes that best manage to express the sweetness and delicacy that only a mother has towards her children. Desserts with strawberries, the cake of the heart or bouquet of roses made with your hands, they are just some of the recipes that Salt and pepper suggests you: easy sweets, greedy, fresh and quick to prepare; desserts that contain a sweet and soft heart but with a strong character; read also 10 DIY gifts for Mother's Day

If instead you think of taking advantage of the beautiful day to bring the family to celebrate the mother with a delicious picnic, a rich man single dish is the best choice! traditional timbale or appetizing rice salads, of spelled or pasta, they are perfect for these occasions! Or, read also the Salt & Pepper recipes for savory pies is gourmet sandwich!

Another fancy idea for mother's Day is to prepare the menu for an aperitif. A special drink for the mother it is what it takes to make her regain the energy consumed during the day. If your mother doesn't like alcohol, don't worry! A fresh and fragrant drink or a fruity cocktail, they will conquer it immediately!