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Our Valentine's Day menu delivered to your home in Milan – Italian Cuisine

On Valentine's Day we cook for you: here are our home delivery menus in Milan for an unforgettable evening

Can't wait to spend a romantic evening without having to spend all of Valentine's Day in the kitchen? No problem, we'll take care of it with a special delivery service: the #ScuolaLCI chefs have studied for you two menus to celebrate the feast of lovers: a menu of land is one of sea, to be received comfortably at home. Along with the dishes you will receive some simple directions to complete recipes and share them with someone special.

Valentine's Day Menu: Fish

Appetizer: red fruit gazpacho with steamed prawns and edible flowers; Pink pepper sandwich bread with sour cream marinated salmon and dill; salty lady's kisses with turmeric
First course: pasta with seafood stew and citrus fruits
Second: stuffed squid with turnip greens on pumpkin cream and toasted almonds
Dessert: white chocolate heart with passion fruit

Price 45 € per person

Valentine's Day Menu: Earth

Appetizer: pink pepper loaf bread with a flake of culatello lime butter; beef cooked at low temperature with paprika cashews, smoked mustard dressing, late trevisano; baci di dama with turmeric
First course: pasta with cacio pepe and artichoke sauce
Second: guinea fowl supreme with dehydrated apricot and pistachios, potato cake and turnip greens
Dessert: white chocolate heart with passion fruit

Price 40 € per person

How to order the Valentine's menu at home?

Send your order to the address delivery@gordon-ramsay-recipe.com by 12 noon on Friday 12 February; wait for confirmation and instructions to proceed with payment. Deliveries will be made on Saturday 13 February. Alternatively, you can pick up your order directly at the La Scuola headquarters – in Via San Nicolao 7 in Milan.

The receipt of orders is active from Monday to Saturday. The service is active for the city of Milan. The minimum order is two complete menus.

Online cooking class to prepare the Valentine's Day menu – Italian Cuisine

Online cooking class to prepare the Valentine's Day menu

It will be a very special Valentine's Day with La Scuola de La Cucina Italiana: the new online cooking course dedicated to the menu for the feast of lovers arrives

On Valentine's Day we cook together: our chefs have created a menu to celebrate the feast of lovers, easy to replicate even in the home kitchen. As? Friday 12 February at 6.30 pm we are waiting for you at live streaming course dedicated to Valentine's Day menu, during which you can interact with us just like in a live course! It will be an opportunity to share a unique experience with the person you love, cooking together, or to surprise them with perfect dishes for a romantic evening.

The Valentine's menu

What does our Valentine's menu include? We start with a tasty appetizer, the burrata cream with roasted prawns, raspberries and pistachio. The main course is not to be missed: rags of beetroot pasta with cauliflower cream, mussels and chilli. Finally, the most awaited moment, that of dessert, one panna cotta with pink pepper with passion fruit and cocoa crumble.

The duration of the course is two hours, the cost is € 19.99. Sign up here.

How do our online cooking courses work?

Your interlocutors will be one chef, physically present in the kitchens of Milan, and a editor, who will moderate the lesson, answering questions and curiosities. A few days before the course you will receive the list of ingredients and the equipment needed to prepare the Valentine's Day menu, the digital pantry with all the recipes and the link to the page to connect to on the day of the course. Below is apreview of our courses in live streaming.

Blue Monday: our menu against a bad day – Italian Cuisine

January 18, 2021 is the saddest day of the year. Let's face it hard-nosed and with a menu that really makes us feel good

The winter weather, the too many expenses made in the last months of the year, a 2020 that we have just left behind and that has put us to the test, and then the wait (too long) for the next holidays, the failure of the good intentions and a new week ahead to face. According to the algorithm of the English psychologist Cliff Arnal, a very depressing day awaits us. In 2021, Blue Monday will be January 18th. Unmotivated, tired, lacking in expectations and, moreover, this year, with the restrictions for Covid-19! In short, you feel just a rag. But don't worry, it's just the predictable effect of a bad day foretold.

There is a remedy for everything, even on Blue Monday

So let's face it this Blue Monday and face it hard! Set the alarm half an hour earlier than usual, spend a few minutes on a dessert muscle toning, continue with the shower, a good one Breakfast and wear your favorite clothes. It does not matter if you are in smart working and now spend whole weeks in pajamas: today self-love must take over. Make yourself beautiful as if you were going to a party. Face the day light-heartedly and avoid making plans. Focus only on today, on the here and now, and make it perfect. Feel like queens and kings of your time and treat yourself to a well-set table, enriched with your favorite foods. Here is our advice for a menu that will awaken pleasant memories and will certainly prompt lots of good vibes.
And don't forget the music! To sing out loud.

Blue Monday 2021

Let's start from the table to rediscover joy

To face Blue Monday, we have thought of a good mood menu full of pleasant childhood memories, transgressions and gratifications. After all, this is a difficult day: we deserve some extra pampering, right?

It starts from scallops au gratin with herbs and 'nduja, counting on power exotic shells (it's never too early to think about hot holidays) and the energizing power of chilli. Following a small portion of pasta alla gricia. Comfort food of excellence, pasta is the right choice to reassure us in a difficult day. The crunchiness of the bacon and its flavor will make us feel immersed in one of those ancient Roman trattorias where you eat, drink and laugh, leaving every thought behind.
As a second dish against sadness we chose the skewers of beef with beetroot ketchup. They are reminiscent of the finger foods of worldly aperitifs, but above all … they are eaten with your hands. The child in us will be very happy to be able to leave the cutlery aside. Furthermore, the beetroot sauce is a precious source of mineral salts and antioxidants, ideal for taking care of ourselves and finding the right energy.
To close the good mood menu, the tart with ganache, oranges and cream. We count on the ability of chocolate to comfort in bad moments, on the goodness of cream that always sounds like a sweet transgression and on vitamin C. Oranges are in fact the seasonal fruit to rely on to fill up with vitality. Not to mention the fact that a citrus-based dessert will give us a sense of freshness capable of inducing sleep. And they are good dreams!

Our menu for Blue Monday

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