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Panocchie: how to clean and cook them

Call them panocchie, canocchie or squid: from the seabed to the table, here's how to prepare them and serve them in 4 simple recipes

The panocchie, also known as shrimp or sea cicadas, are crustaceans that live on sandy and muddy bottoms between 20 and 50 meters deep. It is easy to find them and catch them especially after heavy storms because they are more easily caught outside the destroyed dens.

How to clean pancakes

To clean the canocchie There are different methods and depending on the use you want to do, you proceed differently.
In any case, we must wash them still alive under running water paying attention to the spiny tail.
Enough to prepare sauces or soups cut them into pieces with kitchen scissors.
Instead, to cook them whole you have to practice a cut along the back, so that the pulp is more easily flavored during cooking.
Finally, to use only the pulp, dip them for a few minutes in one pot full of boiling water and then remove the shell.
Now that you understand how to clean them, all you have to do is choose the recipe that's right for you among the ones we offer.

Gratinated pancakes

This is perhaps the most famous recipe and also the easiest to prepare.
It is a very tasty and quick second course because it is sufficient to cut the panacchie's armor to stuff the meat with a mix of breadcrumbs, parsley and garlic. Baking is in the oven at 180 ° for about 15 minutes.

Corncobs sauce

This condiment is perfect with either a short pasta dish, such as half-sleeves or a calamarata, which is as long as the spaghetti.
Cut the panocchie with scissors eliminating the head and tail and then cook them in a pan with oil and shallots first, sprinkle with white wine and then add the chopped tomato.


For a light and super light cooking we suggest you to cook the steamed pancakes and then season them with oil and lemon or with a kind of green sauce prepared by blending the parsley with oil, lemon, garlic and salt.


When you really want to enjoy a fish dinner, prepare a broth: it is good, easy and super delicious especially if accompanied with toasted bread seasoned with oil and rubbed with garlic.
In the brodetto you can put all the types of fish and shellfish you want, but we suggest you, in addition to panocchie, small monkfish tails, sole, gurnard, hake, cuttlefish, prawns and scampi.
To prepare it, sauté with garlic and slowly cook the fish and shellfish starting with those that have a longer cooking time, cuttlefish and squid. Then add the others and the tomato and if you want also some peppers as from Marche recipe.

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