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Find out how to set the table for Ferragosto: outdoor dining or dinner, here are the suggestions to amaze by avoiding the stress of the last moment

You have already thought about organizing the Mid-August? Outdoor dining is a classic, however even the idea of ​​a barbecue to be organized at sunset can prove to be a winner. The important thing is to prepare everything you need to make a good impression with the guests … ed avoid last-minute stress. Here are the things to remember.

Installation for the Ferragosto table

They are the symbol of the beautiful season and express vitality: add a bunch of fresh flowers on the table it will give a touch of kindness and color. What do you say about using flowers also in version place card? Those who are in the mountains or in the countryside can pick up small specimens of succulents: inserted in a jar they will become a nice placeholder to give as a lucky present for the guests.

In this period roses are the queens of the garden, an excellent idea to make a perfumed centerpiece to be made with branches of lavender and fresh rosemary, also useful for removing mosquitoes. If the lunch is a picnic or buffet version, prepare a basket to insert fork and knife tied together with a napkin with a raffia thread: everyone can take what they need and position themselves where they want. If for Ferragosto you have in mind a dinner remember to add many candles on the table: the charm of the lanterns light up the atmosphere thanks to a soft soft light.


Things to do first

Remember to refrigerate the drinks and wines you wish to offer. A ice bucket can be strategic. During the dinners it is easy to lose sight of one's glass, which is why making one available set of glasses it is useful for the lady of the house … and turns out to be a moment of play for the guest, who can choose the preferred form. Alcoholic drinks, but not only: you can prepare a delicious one natural drink with fresh water and citrus fruits, to flavor with a few mint leaves and keep in the fridge until the guests arrive. Last thing to do? Cool the watermelon, the fruit symbol of summer: cut into slices or transformed into fruit salad and accompanied by basil sorbet, it will be a refreshing meal.

Cooking strategies

To avoid stress (and the kitchen to be cleaned again!) Prepare everything you can in the previous hours or the day before. The summer is the triumph of fruit and vegetables, with bright colors and intense taste: peppers and zucchini, grilled and flavored with garlic and mint, can be placed on cutting boards to be left directly on the table. Yes to baked fish, to be savored cold along with pasta salad and whole grains seasoned with tomatoes, olives and mozzarella. Prepare fresh sauces to pair with seconds: classic green sauce, guacamole and variations with fresh coriander, yogurt or aubergine sauce, typical of the Greek and oriental tradition, will pleasantly surprise. It pours into many bowls and leaves on the table: perfect with meat and fish, they are appetizing also for the aperitif, to spread on sliced ​​bread and bruschetta. If lunch is far from home, goodsalad in the jar: the idea to recycle jars with a pinch of creativity.

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