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Boredom, with exotic spices and imaginative condiments. The suggestions to turn the salad into a good dish in every sense

Also that of thebig salad perfect can be considered in all respects a refined culinary art. Yes, because to put together a few leaves of salad, a few slices of tomato cut at random, two cubes of cheese and a handful of croutons, to then go over everything – maybe – with a little olive oil, the vinegar of order, salt , pepper and so on, it is certainly not enough to transform our bowl of vegetables & co. in a lunch worthy of being called such. The Italian-American knows it well Jessica Haase and the Milanese naturopath Eleonora Borgo, which together inaugurated the salad bar in Milan Muzzi, a pretty place in via Pasquale Sottocorno. With a very specific goal: to show that a carefully prepared salad is not worthy of being considered a punitive meal. Rather.

"Our entire project was born inspired by the legendary salads of Jessica's mother, who always managed to amaze and satisfy every type of guest," Eleonora tells us. "Because yes, it's worth remembering: the salad doesn't have to be boring and tasteless. On the contrary, it can become a wonderful white canvas for play with seasonal products, with different cuts of the products, with crunchy elements. Arriving to satisfy and satisfy the palate, while remaining light and rich in nutrients . Here then some valuable advice (and a "made in Muzzi" recipe) to better prepare our next salad.

We are looking for balance

Like any other dish, the dear old salad also requires the right balance between its different ingredients. So we favor vegetables – and why not, even fruit – in season, and then we go to balance it all in relation to all the non-vegetable additions: feta, for example, is a very tasty cheese, but it risks making all excessively stringy; it is therefore good to moderate the quantity and combine it with something fresh, which releases water.

Boredom banishment

Who said that the salad should consist exclusively of various leaves? We leave the imagination free and look for new ingredients. Fruit, for example, but also cereals, capable of giving an excellent supply of energy. Or the flowers. Fish is also perfect, perhaps with citrus fruits and the like. And then away, among aromatic herbs, seeds and spices, for a truly out-of-the-box recipe.

The courage to dare

The salad can not only become a perfect test for unusual combinations, but also to experiment with ingredients that normally remain on the bottom of our pantry. Or that we never even used. Any examples? The Mitmita, a fragrant blend of spices based on cardamom, cinnamon, cumin, ginger and so on, typical of Ethiopian cuisine. Or again the Sommaco, with a sour taste particularly used in Lebanon, and with a high antioxidant power.

Let's play with the condiments

Oil, vinegar, salt, pepper. Ok, the basics are these, but there is no reason to ask us any kind of limit. Who is looking for a strong taste for their salads, but does not want to abuse garlic or onions, can for example resort to flavored oils: to press firmly on the flavor pedal, but without weighing it down too much.

The importance of touch

That of the salad is first and foremost a tactile experience. On the palate, of course, when the crunchy components create the perfect harmony with the rest of the ingredients. But the sensory dynamic begins even before, during the preparation phase: we must not be afraid to use our hands, to chop, season, mix, portion. This will help us to make the dish really ours, built according to our needs.

The special recipe

Each salad can have a specific purpose. Like that of the Lady of Iron prepared by Muzzi, who wants to give energy and precious nutrients to our body, guaranteeing at the same time, a lot of taste. To prepare it we therefore use beetroot, Williams pears, watercress, endive, fenugreek sprouts, walnuts and poppy seeds. We balance the various ingredients according to our taste and then complete with a ball of goat covered with pollen, and a dressing made with olive oil, mint, honey, balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, salt and pepper.

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