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Figs: quick and easy ideas

The sweetest moment of the season has arrived. So many sweet and savory options for your summer dinners

In addition to being delicious summer fruits, figs are rich in properties. They are considered, together with kiwis and prunes, real ones natural laxatives and are therefore recommended for those suffering from constipation or intestinal problems, especially if consumed on an empty stomach. Are also rich in calcium and mineral salts and therefore they are a precious help for the bones. I'm anti inflammatory and help fight cough and sore throat and to prevent seasonal ills by strengthening the immune system. Like all foods that contain potassium, calcium and magnesium, figs help keep blood pressure at the right levels and therefore are precious allies of the heart.
Finally, being high in sugar, figs are the ideal snack for all those times when you need a little energy, easily digestible and very delicious.
Pay attention only to the quantities because they are very caloric, especially the dry ones.

Which fig to choose?

You can use any type of fig in your recipes, but keep these in mind differences between one variety and another.
The green fig, is the most common, is very juicy and has a thin skin. If ripe it is sweet and sugary.
The purple fig it is more juicy, but very delicate. More difficult to find, it is not kept much.
Finally there is the black fig which is less juicy and sweeter than the others, but more resistant.

Ideal combinations with figs

Figs are fine both with sweet and savory dishes.
Try them for example with gods very tasty cheeses like gorgonzola or caprino or with some very savory seasoned. Another ideal combination is with the raw ham. If you have never tried the Roman focaccia with ham and figs, you must definitely fix it. Finally, the dried fruit, especially walnuts. Are you in the mood for a quick, sweet snack? Spread fresh ricotta cheese on a slice of bread, add some slices of figs and a bit of honey and complete everything with walnuts and cinnamon.
In the tutorial you will find some useful suggestions for your recipes. Here below are the our easy proposals made from figs perfect this season. Many appetizers and some desserts. Aren't you curious to try?

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