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At the Festival of the traditional tortellino of Castelfranco Emilia tasting the best tortellini in the world

And yes, I was a lady for a day. Indeed the lady of the tortellino. Yesterday on the closing day of the Festival of the traditional tortellino of Castelfranco Emilia, now in its thirty-ninth edition, broadcast from 4 to 13 September, I dressed (literally) as the lady, in the historical reenactment in costume of the birth of the stuffed bundle. Legend has it that around 1200 a marquise landed in the Antica Locanda Corona in Castelfranco. while refreshing herself with a bath in her room, the impertinent innkeeper had spied on her through the keyhole and, seeing her navel, was inspired by the famous shape of the tortellino. When he went down to the kitchen he created the miracle of goodness by arranging eggs, flour, pork loin, ham, mortadella, Parmigiano Reggiano, nutmeg and salt.

Ergo, I found myself dressed like a queen, in a long and embroidered dress with a crown, made by skilled seamstresses Anna and Rita. First they carried me with the canopy (I swear) and then on the stage together with the host of this edition, Paolo Cavicchioli, president of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Modena, also dressed ad hoc with a commemorative rolling pin. Together we participated in the cheerful theatrical skit that took up the mementum according to the legend, although obviously I only revealed the ankle. My busty predecessors Carmen Russo and Iva Zanicchi, not pennies. Anyway, joking aside, the festival is very beautiful for many reasons: the enthusiasm of Gianni Degli Angeli of the La San Nicola social promotion association, which has always organized the event. His sfogline is very good (even if it is said in these parts rezdore) that knead and roll up to 2,000 kilos of tortellini with a rolling pin and then close them by hand, one by one. The quality of the food was excellent and I tell you, the best tortellini in the world are here. Heavenly filling, just the right knotty pasta, served with capon broth as tradition dictates. Perfect organization, lots of young people, lots of joy as often happens in this region of Italy. To remind us that the festivals are one of the many (and precious) beauties of this wonderful country. See you for next year's edition which will be the 40th (lasannicola.it).

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