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For powerful women

On 23 September at 4 pm MAXRIENY BY SARA WONG debuts at Milan Fashion Week with a digital event organized in collaboration with Vogue Italia, which will involve the Italian and international public with content rethought in a new space and in a new form, thus creating an unprecedented form of interaction. A real digital experience designed from scratch through a tailor – made platform to offer a unique experience.

The brand has been digitally describing its collections for some time, through creative strategies and live streaming. On the occasion of the Milan fashion week MAXRIENY BY SARA WONG chooses the Condé Nast magazine to continue exploring the digital world but with an eye towards the international market.

Creative director Sara Wong has selected 8 international talents from different countries around the world to present the collection, consisting of 20 looks, which bears her name: 8 women, from the East to the United States via Italy, have interpreted the philosophy of the Maison through short movies that contributed to the creation of a real fashion show that will be visible worldwide in streaming on the dedicated platform, on and on Vogue Italia's Youtube and Facebook profiles.

Sara Wong, a designer with an international background ranging from finance to fashion, was inspired for next spring – summer 2021 by the 18th century French painter and artist François Boucher. Boucher, through a series of works, assimilated Chinese themes into his Rococo style with particular attention to the last dynasty. In the same way Sara Wong wanted to try to mix Eastern and European culture: in the details (buttons, pearls and trimmings) and in the shapes we find elements of fusion between the royal art of the Qing dynasty and the European fashion of the 1700s. draped to give them the shape of ancient porcelain and silhouettes that refer to the iconic fans. There is also the phoenix, a symbol of women's power in oriental culture, which is reproduced on fabrics. The materials include jacquard, chiffon, lace and velvet and the color palette embraces the soft and lively shades typical of the summer season such as yellow, green, orange and blue. The collection can be described with 4 adjectives: fusion, balance, firmness and uniqueness.

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