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Giuseppe Bruno invented a whole world for himself. Indeed, two have been invented: Sistina and Caravaggio. Both located on the Upper East Side, many illustrious guests

A heritage.
A heritage of taste, art, humanity.
Italian cuisine that mixes with New York, with million-dollar Matisse, with a cellar of 200 thousand bottles of wine that, who knows, maybe they are worth even more.

Giuseppe Bruno he invented a whole world.
Indeed, he invented two: Sistine And Caravaggio.
Originally from Battipaglia, province of Salerno. Emigrated in the early 1980s, to the American office together with his brothers. Ambassador of the good, but also of the beautiful.

Two restaurants that almost deserve the quotes: they are, in fact, two museums in all respects. Both located inUpper East Side, a handful of steps from each other and moreover just a handful of steps from another museum, perhaps the most famous in the world, that Metropolitan with which they somehow merge, in a fascinating, interesting whole and exquisite.

Entering means entering another dimension.
If you are looking for the atmosphere of the myth of Manhattan, it is here.
If you are looking for authentic Italian cuisine, it is always here.

Prices are certainly not a caress, but you are in the chicest neighborhood of the Big Apple and, above all, you are seated where they usually sit. Michelle and Barack Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Melania and Donald Trump, also passing through Hollywood and its surroundings Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro, George Clooney, up to the monsters of high finance such as Larry Fink (CEO of the BlackRock fund), John Mack (former CEO of Morgan Stanley) e Fabrizio Freda (CEO of Estée Lauder). In one word, then? The summit.

It's the same Henri Matisse, in fact, it is … just one of many. Donald Baechler he decorated an entire wall by Caravaggio with his own hand. Frank Stella he traced his precious geometries. Ellsworth Kelly showed off its minimalism. And finally Sandro Chia, very Italian, has impressed his neo expressionism.

In short, defining Giuseppe Bruno as the Executive Chef of Sistina and Caravaggio is obviously an understatement. Bruno is a genius who in forty years has never stopped working, collecting and dreaming. In a big way, for himself and even more so for his guests.

Landmark. For the many young people who observe it. For all of us who are looking for Italy in America.

Side note, complete with a recipe.
As I write, I eat steamed seafood salad garnished with sun-dried tomato, lemon and fennel vinaigrette sauce.
Triumph of lobsters, shrimps, baby squids, scallops, mussels and clams.
Of course, with a touch of raw extra virgin olive oil, "I don't mention names because I don't like advertising, but that oil costs me more than an excellent bottle of wine!" Shouts Giuseppe amused from somewhere.
Delicious, light and healthy.

Cin. And life served.

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