Antonia Klugmann «director for a month of La Cucina Italiana – Italian Cuisine

La Cucina Italiana arrives on newsstands in September with the first female chef director of the magazine, photographed on the cover by a woman and artistically interpreted by a Pakistani artist.

IS Antonia Klugmann, Trieste chef and Michelin star, the "director for a month" chosen by La Cucina Italiana for the September issue, third spokesperson for a campaign – started in July with Massimo Bottura and continued in August with Davide Oldani, and divided into 6 issues up to in December – which wants to promote the candidacy of the Italian culinary tradition as an intangible heritage of humanity to UNESCO. The photo of Monica Vinella's cover was then enriched by the intervention ofPakistani artist Sara Shakeel, which became famous (starting from Instagram) thanks to its installations that embellish the images with virtual diamonds. In this case, he has studded the cobs of corn among which Antonia Klugmann posed with brilliants, symbol of a philosophy as delicate as it is powerful in which cooking is the expression of an intimate and family culture made of territorial roots, in which the element vegetable – from the produce of the fields to the weeds found under the house and transfigured into gourmet ingredients – is dominant. Green is precious, green is the future.

The Trieste chef, who coordinated the number from her restaurant in the countryside of Friuli-Venezia Giulia on the border with Slovenia, ensures that the cooks are not male chauvinists and offers an enlightened vision of the role of women in society, in which they are the studio, preparation and merit are the real tools to achieve the goal of greater diversity. He therefore wanted to include talented women and men in the September issue. Including the new African American protagonists of the wine world, such as (surprisingly) the queen of soul and hip hop Mary J. Blige, who created her own label in collaboration with a Friulian producer.

There are many initiatives that will animate the social profiles of La Cucina Italiana in September, with direct and interviews on Instagram with Antonia Klugmann, Sara Shakeel and with chefs, influencers and personalities also linked to the green theme. In addition, on the Tik Tok profile of La Cucina Italiana it will be possible to follow special recipes with seasonal ingredients.

The website of La Cucina Italiana has 3.6 million users with a + 6% MoM and a + 7% YoY, with an average user for 2020 which is 4.5 million compared to an average of 3.9 million in 2019, with a 15% increase. The overall social fanbase of the profiles of La Cucina Italiana and La Scuola de La Cucina Italiana reaches 1.8 MIO (1.820.147) with a YoY growth of + 16%.

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