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The most searched recipes of 2021 on La Cucina Italiana – Italian Cuisine

The most searched recipes of 2021 on La Cucina Italiana

We have compiled the top 10 recipes you have cooked the most this year: great success for southern dishes, but there are some other surprises

I am the most clicked right from you and could only tell the wonderful traditions of our country, through regional specialties and precious seasonal ingredients that give life to an unrivaled heritage.
Among the ten recipes that you have consulted most often in 2021 those of central and southern Italy stand out, but not only: browse the gallery above to discover them from the last to the first.

10. Stuffed squid

In tenth place we find the classic procedure for preparing stuffed squid, a dish versatile which can amaze every time with a different filling. Click here to discover our tastiest ideas.

9. Panzanella

Among the most popular summer recipes is panzanella, a very fresh dish with numerous variations, prepared with poor ingredients such as the stale bread, tomatoes and onions.

8. Caprese cake

We arrive in Campania with an irresistible dessert based on chocolate and almonds. The Caprese cake is also perfect for those suffering from celiac disease, as it is prepared without flour. Click here to do it just like in Capri or try the lemon version of Sal De Riso.

7. Roman-style artichokes

Artichoke is a key ingredient in Roman cuisine and we are not surprised that such a delicious recipe is present in our ranking. But are you sure you know the difference between artichokes alla romana and those alla giudia?

6. Sicilian caponata

The desire for summer is felt immediately when talking about caponata, a dish that sees the protagonists Eggplant Sweet & Sour. As usual among traditional recipes, in Sicily there is more than one way to prepare it: you just have to choose whether to make them as in Trapani or as in Catania.

5. Neapolitan Pastiera

Although it is a popular dessert mainly in the period of Easter, the Neapolitan pastiera is so iconic that it has won a place among the most sought after desserts of the year. If you haven't done it yet, test yourself with our recipe.

4. Tiramisu

The spoon dessert par excellence it is the most cooked of all. Tiramisu, to be declined in its infinite versions that make it perfect for every occasion and need.

3. Pasta and beans

Our podium based on first courses opens with one of the more recipes genuine of our tradition: pasta and beans, a classic to love in all its variations.

2. Spaghetti alla carbonara

We also enjoyed ourselves and dared to propose it in several alternative versions, but as we approach the top of our ranking it could only be there that original. The one and only carbonara.

1. Pizzoccheri

In first place triumphs a winter comfort food symbol of Valtellina cuisine. Rich and streamlined with their cabbage, potato and cheese dressing, pizzoccheri also have an official recipe kept by the Pizzocchero Academy in Teglio, the town where they were born.

Look at all the most searched recipes of 2021 in the gallery above

The gastronomic panettone, as we do it at La Cucina Italiana – Italian Cuisine

It is the savory and enriched version of the traditional Christmas cake – here in 6 layers. We also give you the sweet version with 4 delicious creams

The gastronomic panettone, just look at it and you immediately want to give it back a leading role in the holidays for which it was born: Christmas and New Year. Convivial, imaginative, greedy. One of the merits of Instagram is having brought back many beautiful things on our screens, perhaps démodé or simply forgotten.

Where can you buy it? Or, for those who have more patience, how do you do it? You can decide to prepare it from scratch, including basic bread, or to buy it ready to serve, stuffed and already cut so as not to ruin the delicate assembly. In this case, turn to high-level pastry shops and delicatessens to guarantee maximum freshness.

A good compromise is to buy the ready-made base and stuff it at home, however you like. Get the appropriate one pan canasta, a cross between brioche bread and bread, made with flour, eggs and butter: it has a neutral flavor that lends itself to a sweet filling, with creams, ganache and dried fruit, or savory, with sauces, cheeses, cold cuts .

Stuff the gastronomic panettone it is not difficult, and if we can give you a suggestion to simplify the approach, think about preparing some sandwiches. Divide the bread cylinder into 5-6 discs; then cut them in half; stuffed with previously prepared condiments and present your little masterpiece.

It is an excellent aperitif with bubbles, and a playful appetizer when you are already seated at the table: everyone will take from the mega sandwich the segment that appeals to them the most. The sweet version, on the other hand, concludes the meal, but is also an elegant snack at tea time.

How you do it:

The trick to facilitate the tasting of gastronomic panettone is to put two slices between the fillings. Thus, the single portion becomes a real sandwich. Traditionally, there are five layers, but here we have exaggerated and made six:

Shrimp cocktail

We prepared the pink sauce by mixing mayonnaise and ketchup, but everyone can choose their recipe to spread on the slice of panettone. Spread the shrimp on top. We put the same filling in the first and last layer.

Blini reimagined

Smoked salmon and sour cream scented with grated lime zest and pink pepper and garnished with chopped chives.
After all, panettone is also an XXL-sized blini.

Easier than toast

Slices of raw ham and creamy Piedmontese robiola. Slice a few radishes and put them on top.

Mortadella and green sauce

To prepare the sauce, you need a cup of parsley, 3 anchovy fillets in oil, a spoonful of pistachios and one of capers, 2 gherkins and 60 g of extra virgin olive oil. Blend everything for 15 seconds and the sauce is ready.

Eggs and mayonnaise

Spread the mayonnaise on the slice, cover it with slices of hard-boiled egg and complete with some cherry tomatoes in oil.

The sweet gourmet panettone

Four creams to transform a classic panettone into a spectacular dessert:

sweet gourmet panettone

Vanilla cream

Mix 250 g of fresh cream with 40 g of mascarpone, 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar and the seeds of 1/2 vanilla pod. Whip with electric whisk until the cream is firm. Spread it on the panettone and complete with pomegranate grains and sliced ​​almonds.


Beat 4 egg yolks with 120 g of sugar. Add 100 g of white wine and 100 g of Marsala. Cook over low heat, in a double boiler, stirring for 7-10 minutes until the eggnog becomes frothy. Cool it in the fridge for 1 hour before using it for stuffing.


Mix a pistachio cream (you can buy it at the supermarket) with a cup of mascarpone. Spread it on a layer of panettone and sprinkle with chopped pistachios.


Prepare a custard with 8 egg yolks and, at the end of cooking, while it is still hot, add 100-150 g of chopped dark chocolate. Leave to cool, then spread the cream on the slice of panettone and add fresh raspberries.

The Grande Bottega Italiana was born – Italian Cuisine

The Grande Bottega Italiana was born

A new start up to get to know and taste Italian excellences. All done with great feeling thanks to Davide Rampello and his partners

Discovering gastronomic specialties means telling stories. The stories of the men who produced them. This is what they try to do Davide Rampello, profound connoisseur of the food and wine excellences of our country as well as ambassador in the world of Made in Italy, and Stefano Merlo, creator of successful startups with important backgrounds in the financial and digital fields, thanks to the project Great Italian Shop, the Community of exclusive producers gathered in an agricultural network, which will bring the best of our tradition to the tables of Italians.

How the idea was born

"This story began after my trip to Basilicata – explains Stefano – where I met many young farmers, passionate about their work but with the need to make their products known. Back in Milan, I asked Davide for support in order to be of help to people like the young Lucanians, with so much enthusiasm and courage but few means. His answer was an immediate yes. And so I came across Luigino, a farmer from a small village to the right of the Po, who, after having collected on his property 24 of the 33 native cattle breeds in extinction, he sought help for their livelihood. In that somewhat dilapidated structure but with a harmonious atmosphere, Luigino called each of his cows by name. We decided to help him produce hay milk products. Together with our partner Luigi Barbarini, who is the administrator and owner of the Mondo Piccolo farm, today we produce 9000 wheels of the highest quality Parmesan using the milk of Luigino cows. The peculiarity of this business model is a mixed model . The capitalization of Davide's meetings in ten years of knowledge of the territory and the creation of a digital platform have meant that now 40 producers of high quality Italian agri-food specialties have networked and can make themselves known thanks to Grande Bottega Italiana. «The food market – continues Stefano – is full of excellences organized in noteworthy structures. But there you go shopping. With us, on the other hand, a desire is refined, which is a different thing. The desire comes from experience and to gain experience you need to be informed, know the product and interact with the producers. Our goal is to form a community between producers, breeders and consumers, who make taking care of things their lifestyle. Let him do things with feeling .

The true value of Grande Bottega Italiana

The Italy discovered by Davide and Stefano is the land of extensive culture, where the farmer is a craftsman, because he is the scholar of agrarian ars: all his work is sustainable by definition, the concept of circular economy, of not waste is inherent in his art. Within this deeply ethical vision, where there is the true and profound meaning of the search for the good, the just and the beautiful, there is a whole world to be put together and valued. "More than products, we talk about men's stories – explains Davide. We tell of all the Mario Rossi, the Gioacchino Rossini who produce a given food. We tell the dreams, the hopes, the misfortunes: today this is the true value, to tell and make known the stories of all these men and women .

The focus of Grande Bottega Italiana is given by extra virgin olive oil, Parmesan and tomato, but the idea is to extend Italian biodiversity to all. «We wanted to wait for the right moment to present our project – says Davide – once we were sure that everything was in place. La Grande Bottega Italiana was born with this sensitivity, it is no coincidence that we talked about sentiment. If there is one thing that has been diluting a lot in recent years, it is precisely the concept of feeling, of feeling, the concept of remembrance, of memory. And our start up was born to tell these stories. We need to understand what we need: food is fine, food, but all this is to create a network that is an added value for women and men who must be supported, who must be made known. We also speak of small municipalities, many of which are in the process of being abandoned. This depopulation implies hydrogeological degradation, it is a single chain. The reasoning that prompted us to create this company started from this type of vision, from this sensitivity. Knowing all the variations of a territory means being able to preserve them, not forget them. From the word flavor comes the word know, the root is the same. If we lose flavors, we lose knowledge. This is exactly what we wanted to communicate to you ".

The Night Oil

Pier Luigi Cresciutini is a farmer from Viterbo who had a vision. In its territory, in Montefiascone, it has discovered the existence of over 100,000 abandoned olive trees, many of which have already been incorporated into the woods. Pier Luigi decided to save them. "It is clear that working on an olive tree that is becoming wild – explains Davide – means applying a completely different pruning system from the usual one, it is necessary to give back life to the plant. Luigi also devised a pruning system suitable for this and set up a school to teach young people this new practice. He then had the intuition to harvest the olives at night, to avoid oxidation caused by the sun and thus give even more value to the oil. The olive is then harvested and pressed in the shortest possible time. This leads to an increase in polyphenols for oil of 20-25%, one fifth more than usual values. We decided to help Pier Luigi by selling his oil, and everything he did is part of that story that makes everything a bit magical ".

The olive that tastes of medlar

And to better tell the stories of all the farmers who are part of Stefano and Davide's project, it cannot be omitted to say that among the olive trees recovered by Pier Luigi, there is also a type that is only found within the city of Viterbo. The olive it produces, very large, was intended to be pressed but also eaten. It is a very particular fruit: due to the way it was cultivated, and today it is at least 700 years old, it does not taste like artichoke, grass or thistle, but fruit, medlar. It is unique that is found only in this part of Italy. For every liter of oil sold, Pier Luigi manages to recover a plant. A good starting point, no doubt!

What Grande Bottega Italiana offers

Among the many products of Grande Bottega Italiana there are the Sapori and Sapere boxes, a set of useful references for the creation of a dish. An example is the Tricolore Box: pasta, Parmigiano Reggiano, tomatoes and oil for a magnificent portion of pasta. «The past is made by Beppe Vessicchio, the conductor – explains Stefano – who in Sarno experimented with a cultivation method that is that of musical frequencies, in order to work on the molecular harmonies of San Marzano tomatoes. And then bronze drawn Gragnano pasta and extra virgin olive oil from various parts of Italy. Among the future projects, abroad and the territorial enhancement of some of the small Italian villages. From there, a network system of typical local activities will be triggered. We are only at the beginning! "

> Https://lagrandebottegaitaliana.com/

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