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Greedy who reads: 5 books for the month of October – Italian Cuisine

Here comes the appointment dedicated to reading for the month of October. Discover here the suggestions for delicious, sustainable, exciting, exciting books!

The days get shorter and the desire to get comfortable on the sofa to read a book increases in proportion. Here is our selection of 5 books for the month of October: for cooking while still dreaming of summer, for making the home and kitchen even more comfortable places and for experimenting, reflecting on the meaning of life. Enjoy the reading!

Cristina Mauri
Simply green. Veg, good and sustainable recipes for the whole family
Red Editions
19.50 euros

A cookbook in which all preparations are tried and true for real. To dispel some clichés about vegetable cooking: it is not demanding and the ingredients are not difficult to find. The author has imagined recipes suitable for the whole family, with multiple levels of complexity (of realization and taste), from the simplest, perfect for children, to the most complex in which the flavors are superimposed or complementary. And then many practical tips on how to organize the pantry starting from the idea of ​​buying in a conscious way to reduce waste. For children (and not only) gluttons there is also a chapter dedicated to breakfast, snacks and snacks.

Adriana Fusè Mauri
All. Very. Simple. The "3 steps" method to always have a tidy and clean house
18.50 euros

Much more than a simple tidying manual… A real guide to reflection on our way of living and organizing physical and mental spaces. And the kitchen cannot be missing, the heart of the house, a meeting place for all affections. Here too the 3-step method, emptying, cleaning, filling, is the right one. While in another room every now and then you can ignore it and let the mess progress slowly, in the kitchen, no. The number 1 rule for the author? Always have the sink clean and shiny, so the whole house will cascade a little at a time.

Mattia Baroni, Lorenza Conterno, Manuela Vanni
Fermentations. Technique and recipes to best use them in modern cooking
Italian Gourmet
75 euros

Garum, shoyu, kimchi, koji, kefir and kombucha intrigue you? Are you already an expert in fermentation? Here is a complete manual with history and recipes, reflections and thoughts on the very concept of transformation. Because fermenting is attention for the planet and also an exercise in freedom. Everything around us changes and discovering the rules is exciting, also because it often happens independently of our will. From the first basic experiments to the most complex recipes.

Salvatore Marchese
Muscles. Stories and recipes of our own mussels and unknown mussels
18 euros

Loving stories and memories, love stories and anecdotes, artistic references and personal passions. Everything revolves around mussels, loved and narrated by the author in this curious book which is also a rich recipe book. You can choose between those of the Modern Apicius, those of Auguste Escoffier, the traditional ones and those given to the author by his restaurateur friends and those created by himself. Try it "Black egg tagliatelle, mussels, cedar and sweet herb pesto".

Camilla Mendini
(Im) perfect sustainable. Daily gestures for sustainability within everyone's reach
Fabbri Editori
16 euros

Carotilla, the stage name of the author who has been dealing with these issues since 2016, tries to guide us readers into the fog of sustainability. To give meaning to this word, often emptied because it is not supported by concrete actions. An illustrated volume with many tips to try, one step at a time, to minimize our impact. Without fanaticism but with love for our planet.

Antonia Klugmann «director for a month of La Cucina Italiana – Italian Cuisine

La Cucina Italiana arrives on newsstands in September with the first female chef director of the magazine, photographed on the cover by a woman and artistically interpreted by a Pakistani artist.

IS Antonia Klugmann, Trieste chef and Michelin star, the "director for a month" chosen by La Cucina Italiana for the September issue, third spokesperson for a campaign – started in July with Massimo Bottura and continued in August with Davide Oldani, and divided into 6 issues up to in December – which wants to promote the candidacy of the Italian culinary tradition as an intangible heritage of humanity to UNESCO. The photo of Monica Vinella's cover was then enriched by the intervention ofPakistani artist Sara Shakeel, which became famous (starting from Instagram) thanks to its installations that embellish the images with virtual diamonds. In this case, he has studded the cobs of corn among which Antonia Klugmann posed with brilliants, symbol of a philosophy as delicate as it is powerful in which cooking is the expression of an intimate and family culture made of territorial roots, in which the element vegetable – from the produce of the fields to the weeds found under the house and transfigured into gourmet ingredients – is dominant. Green is precious, green is the future.

The Trieste chef, who coordinated the number from her restaurant in the countryside of Friuli-Venezia Giulia on the border with Slovenia, ensures that the cooks are not male chauvinists and offers an enlightened vision of the role of women in society, in which they are the studio, preparation and merit are the real tools to achieve the goal of greater diversity. He therefore wanted to include talented women and men in the September issue. Including the new African American protagonists of the wine world, such as (surprisingly) the queen of soul and hip hop Mary J. Blige, who created her own label in collaboration with a Friulian producer.

There are many initiatives that will animate the social profiles of La Cucina Italiana in September, with direct and interviews on Instagram with Antonia Klugmann, Sara Shakeel and with chefs, influencers and personalities also linked to the green theme. In addition, on the Tik Tok profile of La Cucina Italiana it will be possible to follow special recipes with seasonal ingredients.

The website of La Cucina Italiana has 3.6 million users with a + 6% MoM and a + 7% YoY, with an average user for 2020 which is 4.5 million compared to an average of 3.9 million in 2019, with a 15% increase. The overall social fanbase of the profiles of La Cucina Italiana and La Scuola de La Cucina Italiana reaches 1.8 MIO (1.820.147) with a YoY growth of + 16%.

March festivals and other greedy events of the month – Italian Cuisine

March festivals and other greedy events of the month

From the evenings to watch a movie and enjoy sustainable food to the many occasions to dine at discounted prices, to the appointments to taste the craft beer or discover the cheese made with milk hay

The emergency Coronavirus these days it has slightly revolutionized our habits, city life, scheduled events. Some demonstrations have been postponed, others confirmed, especially in Milan where however the restaurateurs and many activities are trying to react. It is hoped that this critical moment will pass quickly and the desire to go out, eat out and have fun will return. There will be plenty of opportunities. Here they are.

Food, film and sustainability in Milan

It started on February 21 and, until April 3, the FoodFilmFestival 2020 will offer tastings, films, documentaries and peasant stories related to food in Milan. Each evening of the event includes a screening, a dinner-tasting based on ethical and sustainable products and meetings and testimonials on the topic. The whole program can be found on the website.

Discounted meals with TheForkFestival

Until April 4th thanks to TheFork Festival, event organized by TheFork, app to search and book the online restaurant, 2 thousand restaurants all over Italy offer 50% discounts at checkout, including drinks and no coupons. Take advantage!

A week of craft beer

From 2 to 8 March we celebrate the Craft Beer Week, the largest "widespread event" in Italy dedicated to beer produced by independent and craft breweries. Tastings, dinners with combinations, meetings with brewers, visits to production plants, presentations of new beers, festivals, special offers, all events organized independently by pubs, breweries, beershop, restaurants, bistros, wine bars, associations or sites e-commerce. Here they are all on initiative website: the various appointments are divided by date and by region.

Together in Franciacorta

The March 6, 7 and 8 INSI & ME in Franciacorta it will be an entirely new festival dedicated to wine lovers and lovers of good food and culture. An opportunity to get to know Franciacorta from a new point of view and visit it in an unconventional period. The protagonists of the Festival will be the Franciacortini chefs who will make four-handed lunches and dinners with colleagues from all over Italy and the world. Creative menus (starting from 45 euros), where traditional cuisine will be mixed with the flavors of other places. The territory will then be animated by exhibitions, displays, book presentations, guided tours and concerts organized within more symbolic and suggestive historical places. Finally, there will be guided tours and tastings in the cellars that will open the doors to enthusiasts, tourists and curious.

In South Tyrol for the Cheese Festival

If you like cheese and the mountain don't miss the appointment with the Cheese Festival in South Tyrol from 13 to 15 March. Local cheese producers from Italy and Europe find themselves in Campo Tures, to offer the best of dairy production and tell the stories of tradition and innovation that lie behind this product. Among the protagonists of the event, among others, the cheeses produced with hay milk from South Tyrol, coming from cows that feed only on fodder without silage (fermented foods). There will be taste workshops, show cooking with starred chefs and workshops for children.

VeggieWorld, the whole vegan world in Milan

VeggieWorld, the most important trade fair network in the vegan world, arrives in Milan on the first spring weekend. Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 March at the BASE of Milan everything will be dedicated to the vegan lifestyle: many stands dedicated to food, clothing and cosmetics, as well as a busy show-cooking program, in-depth talks and book presentations.

The excellence of pasta in Rome

TO Rome, the March 28 and 29, Pasta Excellence Celebrate pasta: 40 Italian chefs (including 10 starred ones) will create 28 cooking shows – 14 dedicated to traditional recipes and 14 to gourmet dishes – and 8 cooking lessons in the classrooms of the Coquis by Excellence high-training center. There will be exhibitors selected from pasta factories, seasoning producers and wineries. During the event, the PASTA EXCELLENCE Awards will also be awarded, voted by an external jury made up of representatives of the main newspapers in the sector, called to decree the best first courses in the restaurants of the capital. Opening to the public with ticket (15 euros).

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