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February festivals (and other mouthwatering events of the month) – Italian Cuisine

February festivals (and other mouthwatering events of the month)

Cheeses, chocolate, mountain bubbles, beers: the February events to taste, taste, have fun!

The culture of oil in Milan

From 6 to 8 February at Palazzo delle Stelline a Milan returns Oil Officina Festival. The theme of this ninth edition will be The oil of peoples: scheduled meetings, tastings of Italian oils, from the world and even of the rare Japanese extra virgin olive oil, tasting workshops (pure, paired, table olives and pate), art exhibitions. Since the 60th anniversary of the introduction of the "extra virgin olive oil" product category is being celebrated, the organizers have decided to give free admission to the event, thus opening it up to a wider audience.

Cogne to taste

TO Cogne (AO), in Chanoux square, on winter Saturdays, local and Aosta Valley farms take turns to make the fruit of their work known: cheeses, salami, but also baked goods and confectionery. During the event it will also be possible to taste the various gastronomic delicacies and taste the Aosta Valley wines.

Rare cheeses in Rome

If you are passionate about cheese, the event of the month that you cannot miss is formaticum, the market exhibition of Italian dairy rarities to be held on8 and 9 February in Rome at Palazzo Wegil. About twenty companies present in the 2020 edition with some of the producers who are part of the virtuous circuit of Agricultural Dairies whose principles – in line with Formaticum – are herding, raw milk and respect for the animal and the environment. New this year, attention to consumer choices for the realization of a conscious purchase. Also scheduled are seminars, round tables, tastings and activities for children such as the spinning demonstration.

All forms of chocolate in Asiago

The 7, 8 and 9 February in the center of Asiago (VI) come back Art & Ciocc. The Tour of the Chocolatiers. Piazza Carli will host many stands with chocolate for all tastes (gluten-free, bio, vegan, sugar-free, raw) and master chocolatiers from all over Italy who will tempt you with regional specialties, but also with new delights and new tastes, as well as small and large chocolate objects and sculptures. At ChocoLab, a chocolate factory with real working machinery, the expert master chocolatier from Perugia Fausto Ercolani will offer tasty lessons to young and old showing the whole process of transformation from cocoa bean to chocolate bar, with tales, games and experiments to the discovery of the food of the gods. Exceptional guest, pastry chef Ernst Knam who will go on stage at the event on Saturday morning.

Farmers celebrating at Eataly Rome

Two weekends to get to know the products of the Lazio countryside: on 8 and 9 and the 22 and 23 February Eataly Rome will host the Farmers Market in Festa that pays tribute to the agri-food excellence of Lazio. From the outdoor area up to the ground floor you can discover many organic products at zero km and street food: cheeses, bread, eggs, cold cuts, mortadelline, biscuits, vegetable preserves, yogurt, extra virgin olive oil, legumes. There will be workshops to learn how to make bread, yogurt, organic beeswax, mushroom cultivation and a masked show with cabbage recipes.

Mountain bubbles in Trentino

Trentodoc in the Dolomites offers two weekends to discover the mountain bubbles. The first appointment is scheduled from 13 to 16 February in Madonna di Campiglio (TN) between lunches in mountain huts and aperitifs with downhill skiing on foot. From 19 to 23 February the event will move to Val di Fassa between snacks, spas and bubbles to taste with starred dishes.

Beer in Rimini

The February 15 Beer & Food Attraction at the fair a Rimini it also opens its doors to all beer lovers and tasters. The day will see the awarding of the Unionbirrai Beer of the Year Competition, the brasserie trophy dedicated to the best Italian craft beers, and the announcement of the Brewery of the Year. The 2020 edition of the Competition registered the participation of 302 craft breweries for a total of 2,145 registered beers. This year, another 41 reserved for Sour Italian Grape Ale, beers with acid notes obtained by adding grapes, must, marc or cooked wine, is added to the 41 categories of beers already provided for by the regulation.

January festivals (and other greedy events of the month) – Italian Cuisine

January festivals (and other greedy events of the month)

From the Festival of Mantuan cuisine to the Cacio e pepe festival, here are the food and wine events to be marked on the agenda

Epiphany takes all the holidays away … but the January 17 it begins again! This is the date we celebrate Saint Anthony Abbot with bonfires lit in many countries and neighborhoods, around which to enjoy hot pancakes, mulled wine and other typical products such as casoncelli of Castelcovati (Bs). For those who, despite the holidays just past, are looking forward to this and other greedy events, here are some of the events scheduled for January.

Trentino tripe

Few people know it but also in Trentino there is a tradition linked to tripe. Until January 19th the Pineta Hotel della Val di Non organizes the Trentino Trippa Festival with dinners dedicated to this dish hosting several chefs from the region. Wednesday, January 15 will be proposed the "Wayfarer Soup with tripe and cod" and "Tripe in all its versions". Nonese tripe can be enjoyed in the restaurants of some of the best young chefs in Trentino: the Viridis restaurant in Cagnò, the Locanda Alpina in Brez and the La Filanda restaurant in Denno.

Happycheese in Trentino

Take the Dolomites cheeses, the Trentino wines, the Trentodoc mountain bubbles or the local craft beer. Then put the snow, the ski slopes, the breathtaking landscapes. The result? They are the fun and delicious appetizers of Happycheese, the festival that starts again on January 25th in Moena and January 29th in San Martino di Castrozza. Discover all the appointments in the refuges, restaurants and pizzerias of the Val di Fassa and Val di Fiemme.

Mantuan cuisine festival

From January 19 back to its seventh edition, at the Palabam in Mantua, the Mantuan cuisine festival which will offer typical dishes of the city cuisine, prepared by local gastronomic associations, and which, new this year, will also host a vast exhibition-market. Every weekend until February 24, every Saturday evening for dinner and every Sunday for lunch and dinner, you can taste shin, ribs, stew, pike in sauce, polenta and mushrooms, parmesan and mustard, shoulder, cheeses and many new features such as tirabega, sweets and typical Mantuan wines selected by the Organization.

Cacio e Pepe Festival in Rome (and where else!)

From 17 to 19 January Eataly Roma celebrates one of the most famous dishes of the Roman tradition with the Cacio e Pepe Festival which returns to via Ostiense: all the proposals created by Roman restaurateurs and artisans, from Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe di Felice to Testaccio alla Fettuccina with cheese, pepper and cod from the Osteria Verbano up to the small Maritozzo with cheese, pepper and ricotta di Monforte. A cooking course is also scheduled to learn how to prepare this dish, challenges between food bloggers and live performances by bands and songwriters.

Rum and noir in Milan

Put a restaurant, rum tastings, a noir story, writers and journalists and here is the perfect evening of the Zacapa Noir Festival, the review of literary dinners created by the Guatemalan rum that starts again in Milan from 22 January. A calendar of 19 meetings and a large parterre of writers including Jeffery Deaver, Luis Sepúlveda, André Aciman, Marco Malvaldi, Alan Parks, Alicia Gimenez-Bartlett, Ryan Gattis, Miriam Toews, Maurizio de Giovanni, Tayari Jones flanked by moderators such as Carlo Lucarelli, Valeria Parrella, Paolo Roversi, Giacomo Papi, Nadia Terranova, Valerio Varesi and Piero Colaprico. Meeting place will be the MEMO Restaurant, a restaurant, former cinema-theater, which preserves the flavor of the iconic jazz clubs, with a refined selection of live music that will accompany a tasting dinner, before introducing the talk of the guests of the evening.

A month at Christmas: our advice on everything – Italian Cuisine

Let's get ready for Christmas! The decorations to hang, the table to set. And then the menu: traditional, alternative, vegan, quick and for children. But also wines and sparkling wines, classic and imaginative desserts. And finally, why not: a little thought for our 4-legged friends

An exact month a Christmas. This year we organize ourselves in good time and immediately begin to prepare the list of things to do. So here we are to give you advice and ideas, shortcuts and suggestions. All to make this Christmas even more festive and happy.


Let's start with a month in advance just for avoid stress last minute, queues, crowds and Christmas dinner or lunch: here are 5 tips to get organized and enjoy the party.

The Christmas tree and the other decorations

Here are some tips to make your Christmas tree memorable. In short, like that beautiful and particular to arouse in your guests the desire to take a selfie and put it on Instagram. But the tree we have in mind is not just to photograph: it is also to eat! In short, an appetizing Christmas tree; a tree to be unpacked (at least in part) by eating it; a tree, in short, with a food theme. So space for chocolates, candies, marshmallows, biscuits, fruit and anything that can stand several weeks hanging on your tree … even if nobody prevents you from collecting the "fruits" from time to time!

The Christmas tree that you eat.
The Christmas tree that you eat.

Let's move on to the balcony lights. Here are some tricks to give to everything a Nordic touch. When Father Christmas comes to visit you, he will feel at home.

The table

A perfectly prepared table in Christmas theme already celebrates and prepares diners for joy and joy. As it is said: "Who starts well is already in the middle of the work". It will be a success for your dishes. Guaranteed.

Napkin and napkin ring




What to eat and what to drink

Well, the time has come to taste the Christmas menu. Here are some ideas for classic, alternative, vegan, vegetarian and gluten free dishes.



Traditional menu

There is no better way to go without relying on tradition:legacy of the past will make you the navigator in your journey through the stove.

Vegan menu

Have you given up eating anything animal-derived? Here a vegan menu able to enchant even your omnivorous friends.

Fish menu

For the dinner of Christmas' Eve this menu would simply be … perfect!

Light menu

We already know how we will feel at the end of the Christmas holidays. It wouldn't be a bad idea start light, no?

delicious menu

How did you say? Ah, aren't you among those who want to start light? Maximum respect: on the other hand, Christmas, once a year, so yes, let's get inside, then we think about the diet!

Buffet menu

Ooops! Suddenly you noticed that you have more guests than chairs. No fear! If you don't want to run and buy chairs, the solution is all standing and buffet!

Menu to prepare in advance

It's Christmas for everyone, even for the stove attendant! And if this year it was up to you to host everyone at home (we know it was a lot to say, but they took you literally and it will go like this), this does not mean that your Christmas is a fire sentence and flames and sweat and ran between the kitchen and the table with the guests. Prepare everything (or almost) in advance: this is the magic formula to get you out of this mess and enjoy Christmas without worries.

Kids menu

Forcing at table for hours a child it is a challenge to the laws of nature. And, let's face it, maybe even cruelty. Dads and mothers know it well. And yet, if you play it well …


We leave nothing out, because everything at Christmas must do … Christmas!




The belly is full, but for the sweet a place is always there! Certainly it is the moment most awaited by children, that to stay at the table for hours, as we have already said, they do not want to know and wait for nothing more than to bite a cookie, a slice of pandoro or panettone, a piece of nougat . But, without too many words, admit it: even for you adults the moment of the sweet is to die for! Next to the classics panettone, Pandoro is Nougat, that they do, indeed, that is Christmas, we propose these tasty and creative alternatives.

Wines and sparkling wines

Of course the general rules of pairing wine and food are valid, and therefore depending on the menu the wines will also change. The same goes for sparkling wines. Here we give only a few indications. Then you will be the one to make the right coupling, following your taste and the scheduled menu.

And our 4-legged friends?

Certainly for dogs, Christmas makes little sense: you certainly won't hear them You come down from the stars nor All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey o Last Christmas of Wham! But the air of joy that pervades everything perceives them too, happy to have you at home for many hours, free from work commitments or other obligations. Woof!

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