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But at the table does the cell phone go to the right or left of the plate? – Italian Cuisine

How to place the cutlery correctly on the table, when to lay the napkin on the legs, which fork to use for each course. The etiquette at the table is a set of very precise rules, codified gestures and conventions not to be broken. The times evolve, but the good education at the table never sets. Some of these rules may seem outdated by now, but there are more formal circumstances where it is necessary to know and respect them.

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But what happens when the times evolve and a new element comes into play to be taken into consideration? We are talking about the smartphone, more and more protagonist of our lives, for work or leisure. It is so important to play a leading role even during meals, because we have to photograph or we can't do without check notifications. So if you asked yourself where to put the cell phone at the table, the answer is only one: the smartphone does not sit at the table.

Mobile phone at the table: how to behave?

1. Compulsive photographers

You wish to share the dishes you are eating on company? Leave the phone in your pocket or bag: take it out only when you take it and post it later.

2. Workaholics

Wait for one very important phone call job and you absolutely have to answer? Leave the phone in your pocket or purse.
Activate the ringer if you are afraid of not feeling the vibration, but set a moderate volume to avoid disturbing. Once the call is received, you should apologize and leave for a moment.
Or better yet: set the silent mode, postpone the call and enjoy your meal.

3. Rude diners

Has the person at the table with you put the phone on the table and does nothing but watch it? Sequestrateglielo.

Why doesn't my smartphone sit at the table?

You are not yet convinced, here are 3 good reasons not to use the smartphone at the table (without considering that you could spill water on it).

1. Hygiene

Electronic devices accumulate a lot of germs. Since they cannot be washed or disinfected, it is not a good idea to put them close to food.

2. Sharing

It's not at all nice to watch the smartphone screen continuously when you're at the table with someone. It could be understood as a sign of little interest. Eating together is a time to share something more about food: do it seriously, without Instagram filters.

3. Wellness

At least during meals, you can avoid shake to infinity looking for who knows what. Let's take advantage of it to detox from the social media, connect to the real world and enjoy food for real.

The exceptions

Let's not fool ourselves, smartphones are part of our lives and demonizing them is no use. The answer to the first question remains the same: at the table there is no space for the mobile phone. Better to keep it in your pocket and take it out only when strictly necessary.

If you are alone at the table, you could make friends with strangers or look around, but it's not a drama to watch a video or read an article. If you are in company and you think you have seen a meme too funny, you can show it to friends. If you have a terrible doubt, googate as well. If you are about to taste absurd food or a beautiful dish, take one Memory picture.

And if yours appointment is it going disastrously and you don't know how to escape? Pretending to have received a message or be called by an accomplice is a timeless classic. This time you can use your mobile, rest assured!

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