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Homemade chocolates and sweets

Got a sweet tooth? You don’t have to head to the shops to get your favourite sweetie or chocolates. Learn how to make your own traditional treats with our easy, fun recipes. These deliciously simple ideas will also make lovely food gifts for friends and family.

Whether it’s a special occasion or if you just fancy something sweet, we’ve got some quick and easy recipes for making your very own homemade goodies. From creamy vanilla fudge to rich chocolate peppermint slices, we’ve got plenty of nibbles to choose from.

If you’re looking for a gift on a small budget, making your own food gift is the perfect choice. These chocolate and sweet treats can be enjoyed all year round, from birthdays to Christmas. Treat your mum this Mother’s Day to a box of specially made Turkish delights or wish your best friend a Merry Christmas with some melt-in-the-mouth peppermint creams.

There’s no need to stress for gift ideas when you can make these tasty bites. From white chocolate truffles to candy floss, we’ve got plenty of sweet recipes for you to try. All you need to do is buy is a gift bag or box to wrap the chocs in and you’re ready to go.

See something you like? Add it to your very own recipe book.

Mother’s Day food gifts under £5

Choosing what to buy for Mother’s Day can be hard but you know what? We bet Mum would love something homemade rather than an expensive shop-bought present.

Food gifts really show how much you care and they needn’t cost a fortune – you just need to know which ones to make. We’ve rummaged through all our food gift recipes to find 5 cheap, foolproof recipes that will make Mum smile.

So make sure you keep all those empty jam jars, boxes and unused tissue paper – they’ll make these food gifts look nice and pretty.

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