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Fatty fish makes us leaner and makes us live longer – Italian Cuisine

Fatty fish makes us leaner and makes us live longer

Increase consumption of fat fish, such as mackerel, salmon, tuna, herring is sardines, can help you lose weight. The "good fats" contained in the fish, i Omega 3, would be able to transform the body cells of "bad" fat into other healthier ones, burning calories and reducing appetite. Not to mention that Omega 3 have many other beneficial properties, extend life and fight depression.

If salmon and tuna are the easiest options in our imagination, there are many alternatives of our own fish better for our health, our wallets and the salvation of the sea. In short, good and sustainable fish.

The scientific literature on this is not yet very dense and the results of the various studies, as very often happens, are also partly conflicting. That said, the research – including that Japanese of the Kyoto University, published in 2016 on Scientific Reports – they tend to shed light as fish oil reduces hunger and appetite above all in healthy people who follow a weight loss diet. Moreover, accelerates metabolism, which means burn more calories and therefore potentially lose more weight. These effects would be particularly relevant when fat fish combines exercise.

All mammals, including humans, are endowed with three types of adipose tissue, three types of fat: the White, the Bruno and the beige, discovered a few years ago, with a function similar to the brown one. The first serves primarily to accumulate energy molecules that allow us to "resist" during the intervals between meals. Brown and beige burn fat to produce heat.

For example, Japanese research focused on white and beige fat, discovering that fish would be among the main factors of the transformation of the cells of white fat in beige fat, which helps to "dissolve" the body mass. It is particularly activated by physical activity and serves to give energy to the muscles; has the ability to burn calories instead of keeping them as a reserve.

He had also shown how the consumption of fat fish is related to longevity. The two food regimes that, according to different studies, contribute to extending life are just the Mediterranean diet and the way to feed Japanese. And one of the reasons for the increase in longevity would be due to the consumption of fatty fish.

Finally, there is one thing to note: a review of over twenty scientific studies on the subject has highlighted how the consumption of fatty fish can help lose fat and centimeters (particularly in the waistline, improving the waist-hip proportion) without for this necessarily result in one weight decrease on the scale.

Barbara Galli
February 9th 2016
updated to January 2019
from Carola Traverso Saibante


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