Wild asparagus omelette: to be made in early spring – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

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There wild asparagus omelette it’s a quick and easy recipe of the time of spring. Going for asparagus until a few years ago was a real problem tradition of the season spring, together with collection of bitter herbs as the dandelionwhich was cooked in a pan or eaten raw.

Vegetables likeasparagus and bitter herbs such as dandelion are essential for the body because they help purification and help eliminate toxins. As Chinese medicine explains it bitter componentfundamental for balance of our health, belongs to the foods capable of lowering the blood sugar levelpurify and lighten the liver work.

Unfortunately, the progressive move away from the countryside and life in the city has led to a change of habits fundamental: we no longer live close to nature and even if we find ourselves in front of a meadow we no longer know the properties of flowers and plants because we don’t see them as part of the our nutrition. Plants such as dandelion, whose leaves and flowers were collected and consumed at the time, are not part of large-scale distribution, yet the consumption of bitter herbsever smaller, is closely connected to one of the phenomena that occurs more and more often in our society in recent years: the growing number of blood sugar problems and diabetes. Getting back to know and collect wild herbs and cooking with flowers can make the difference for our future and the well-being of our body.

Pay attention to the wild asparagus card!

By the way, did you know that a card is currently required to harvest wild asparagus? As with truffles or mushrooms, some locations require a wild asparagus harvest card: for information it is necessary to go to the municipality of reference of the area in which you are located, the card will be granted even to non-residents.

With tasty wild asparagus you can prepare pasta and risottovelvety but also the asparagus cream for seasoning canapés and bruschettafrom the aperitif platter to the savory snack, simple and tasty like those of the past. In the meantime, here’s how to prepare it wild asparagus omelette.

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