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the quick and easy dessert for the summer

In summer the oven does not turn on, but the grill does! So here is a very special and easy dessert to make: grilled peaches

We suggest you a very easy and quick dessert to be prepared in summer.
Do you have any peaches in the fridge? Then turn on the stove.

Grilled fruit

Peaches are the protagonists of many summer desserts and we want to offer them to you in the simplest way.
You only need a grill or even a plate and excellent quality peaches.
You can then enrich the dessert with ice cream, English cream, whipped cream, chopped dried fruit or whatever you like.
Like peaches, you can grill many other fruits, to bring delicious and light desserts to the table, especially during your outdoor dinners when the barbecue is on.
Also try pineapple, apricots and plums!

Which peaches to use

Nectarines are the ones that lend themselves best to this preparation because they are hard and compact and once cut in half they separate easily leaving the core in the center, which must be eliminated.
If it doesn't come off easily, help yourself with a digger or a small knife.
Considering that peaches are to be used whole, and not peeled, those with a velvety skin are not particularly suitable unless you like their external consistency.
Also keep in mind that the fruit must cook on a grill and therefore it must be particularly hard and hard and not too ripe otherwise it flakes.

Grilled peaches recipe

First wash the peaches very well and dry them.
Cut them in half and remove the core.
Brush the inside with melted butter and then cook that part on the grill for a couple of minutes. You don't have to cook on the other side as well.
Sprinkle immediately with brown sugar and serve with ice cream or half-whipped cream.

Aromatic version

You can make the grilled peaches more fragrant by letting them macerate in rum or brandy for 30 minutes together with a sprig of lavender and one of rosemary.
Then grill and serve with warm syrup prepared with the same alcohol used previously and brown sugar.

How to serve grilled peaches

You can really indulge yourself with the most delicious that comes to your mind.
The easiest and fastest combination is with ice cream, but you can also opt for homemade creams. The classic custard, or its lighter version: the English cream, or, again, a mascarpone cream are that extra touch that makes even a very simple dessert special.
To give a little more crunchiness sprinkle everything with chopped pistachios, hazelnuts or almonds or with crumbled biscuits. Try the amaretti!
If peaches are left over, you can also recycle them to decorate a jam, cream or ricotta tart.

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