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the complete guide + 10 recipes

It is the exotic fruit of the moment and we explain to you how to make it a protagonist in the kitchen

Loved by sportsmen and bloggers, photographed on company – especially from overseas – always, theavocado it is slowly gaining an important one market share also in Italy, so much so that now it comes cultivated in Sicily. If your approaches with this exotic fruit are still counted only on the fingers of one hand, here how to eat avocado, advice on how to choose the fruit at the right stage of ripeness, how to cook it and with what to accompany it.

Avocado: errors to be avoided in the purchase and conservation

On the web there are many cartoons that tell the sad course of this bulb-shaped fruit: from hard as a stone to too mature, without middle ground. Seriously, to recognize if the avocado is ready to be consumed, lightly press the wrinkled skin. If you get hurt by how hard it is, forget it and let it rip out of the fridge (never keep an unripe avocado in the fridge) for another 2-3 days, checking it frequently. If the peel gives way, but don't leave fingerprints … it's ripe. Use it in slices or keep it in its perfection 1-2 days in the fridge. If, on the other hand, the peel gives off slightly and your thumb (or forefinger) leaves a slight furrow, the maturation is already more advanced: use it as a base for mousses or sauces or preparations in which the pulp is not needed. Keep the unused avocado pulp in the fridge, lightly wet with lemon juice to prevent it from blackening.

How to eat avocado: part 1

But if you are still wondering about this fruit, "how do you eat avocado?" Here is the answer. As a basic rule the avocado is eaten raw, cooked becomes bitter easily (and also with the heat of oven and stove the precious fatty acids of which it is rich deteriorate). Of this exotic fruit only the pulp is used, which is obtained by cutting it lengthwise (attention to the central hard stone) in half. Rotate the two halves in the opposite direction, as is done with peaches, until they separate. The core is eliminated with the help of a teaspoon and then you can proceed to empty the shell from the pulp with a spoon, if it is to be blended, or by cutting the halves in half in half – so as to obtain some segments – to peel with the help of a sharp little knife.

How to eat avocado: part 2

This fruit lends itself to many preparations: excellent in small pieces salads or in slices on toast topped with a poached egg, but also as a basis for sauces, including the famous guacamole. The ways how to use the avocado in the kitchen are so many, there are also those who use the pulp as vegan butter and cream solution in cakes, biscuits, mousses and desserts. Due to its consistency, it can also be an excellent ingredient for giving smoothies and smoothies creaminess, having a neutral taste will not cover the flavor of the other ingredients.

When you eat avocado

The avocado is good for every hour of the day: from stars and stripes style breakfast to toast and egg, for lunch in a salad or for dinner with a seared salmon fillet. Snacks, snacks and aperitifs are also delicious. How to use the avocado on these occasions? In a smoothie, in avocado cream with melon and as guacamole in which to dip the nachos.

What do you eat avocado with?

After answering the question "how to eat an avocado", all that remains is to find out "with what you eat it". To never make mistakes, these are the winning couplings: with salt and lemon; in salads combined with an acid element; with tomatoes; with chilli; with fatty fish like tuna and salmon; with chocolate; with yogurt; with cloves, nutmeg or cumin. Now you will have no more doubts about how to use the avocado.

10 recipes with avocado: above, in the gallery

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