Sfogliatella al casatiello, the tasty novelty for Easter – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

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Never tried it puff pastry with casatiello? The original idea came to the historian Lisita pastry shop who has chosen to pay homage to the gastronomic heritage of his land by creating aexclusive Sfogliatella with a new and delicious filling.

From the family memory album, Salvatore and Alberto Lisita they decided to revisit the great classic of the Sfogliatella starting from the filling, or rather the casatiello, to celebrate almost 60 years of activity. On one side the crunchy pastry, on the other the filling of cured meats, cheese and pepper: in the Sfogliatella al Casatiello both elements respect tradition for an unusual but fun combination of flavours, which in a perfect balance combines respect for the past with creativity of the future.

Everything you need to know about the Sfogliatella al Casatiello

We talked about this very special treat for Easter 2024 Salvatore Lisitathe founder’s grandson, who also gave us the recipe – for the more experienced.

How did the idea of ​​a casatiello Sfogliatella come about?

«The idea of ​​a Sfogliatella al casatiello was born with the aim of making the Sfogliatella, which has always been our strong point, a container of stories: tradition within tradition. The aim is to pay homage to the history of Campania pastry making and therefore also the history of Lisita and to do something unique for Easter. A period rich in meaning and traditions in Neapolitan culture, through a creative reinterpretation of two iconic dishes of the region: the Sfogliatella which is eaten all year round and the Casatiello”.

What are your customers’ comments on this?

«Customer comments have been extremely positive, with a particular appreciation for the difference in texture between the crunchy shell and the soft filling and for the creative reinterpretation of the new product. The combination of these two traditional symbolic products, the Sfogliatella and the Casatiello, has aroused great interest and satisfaction among customers, proving to have been a winning choice.”

What would the founder Salvatore Lisita have thought of this idea of ​​going and touching a great classic?

«The founder, Salvatore Lisita, would probably have welcomed with enthusiasm the idea of ​​merging two great classics of Campania pastry making, demonstrating an open mentality to innovation while always maintaining respect for traditional values. His passion for pastry making and his vision could have encouraged the exploration of new culinary possibilities, whilst remaining faithful to the rich heritage of Campania pastry making.”

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