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Cold pasta and shrimp, so you are not wrong

How to transform the usual cold pasta into a triumph of land and sea and our best recipes

When temperatures rise and the desire for pasta makes itself felt, preparing it and letting it cool is always a good idea. just drain it al dente and season it with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil waiting to find the right ingredients in the fridge to season it to have all the time you need to think about the best combinations. In our fridge we found gods very fresh shrimp: here are the best ideas to try!

Shrimp and prawns

Both are very good in cold pasta, but if you have the latter, we recommend that you prepare them using cooking methods that do not reduce their volume. The best are steam and quick boiling, while larger prawns can also be cooked in the pan or on the griddle.

Fruit is the secret ingredient

Shrimps can be combined with different fruits such as figs, apricots, peaches and plums. If you do not like sweet flavors instead, you can rely on the pleasant acidity of the citrus fruits, always perfect if served with shellfish both thanks to the juice and the peel.

Yes to sauces

A creative cold pasta can also accommodate a sauce, preferably based on yogurt and mayonnaise. By mixing these two ingredients you can in fact create a pressing that lends itself to being flavored with paprika, curry or turmeric.

If you love pasta salads …

Cold pasta and pasta salad are not the same thing. To the first group belong all those dishes that offer us pasta in a cold and summer version. When we talk about pasta salad instead, we also include raw and cooked vegetable foods that we usually use to prepare very good salads. For a very fresh and summer-proof effect, we advise you to get your pasta with thin banners of carrots, peppers, cucumbers and radishes.

In the gallery above, our best recipes.

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