Best mince pies

A classic Christmas recipe, mince pies are easy to make at home once you know how.

We have a traditional mince pies recipe that will produce perfect results every time. Learn how to make your own pastry and the classic mincemeat filling at home to give your family a lovely treat this festive season.

Sound like a lot of work? Don’t worry! We’ve also got some great cheats if you’re short of time. Ready made pastry and shop-bought mincemeat are just some ways to cut corners when making mince pies and we have lots more ideas in our gallery.

Including tasty twists, like festive cranberries, tangy lemon icing and boozy recipes, and some fun baking ideas, like mincemeat cupcakes and croissants, our selection of mince pies even has a recipe for gluten and dairy-free bakes so no one gets left out.

And you don’t have to wait until December to start making mince pies. You can freeze them just before baking and you won’t even have to defrost them as you can bake from frozen – that will certainly save you some time on the big day!

So whether your mince pies are for a Christmas party, buffet spread, a family gathering, Christmas day or as a fun treat to leave out for Santa, our selection of easy recipes will come in very handy.

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