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All you need to know about the properties of oranges – Italian Cuisine

All you need to know about the properties of oranges

We discover all the nutrients, properties and differences in use between the juice and the whole consumed citrus

Colorful and full of freshness. Oranges undoubtedly represent a charge of vitality in the cold winter season and, among citrus fruits, are those that they enjoy wide popularity not only for their taste, but also for the great ductility offered in the kitchen and the properties that elevate them as a symbol of well-being and healthy nutrition. Let's find out all the properties of oranges together.


From a nutritional point of view, oranges are particularly rich in water (this component represents more than 85%): for 100 g, in addition to having a caloric content (34 kcal), they bring in a dowry 7.8 g of carbohydrates of mostly sugars, 1.6 g of fibers, 0.7 g of proteins and 0.2 g of lipids. Assumed to whole fruit or as juice, oranges are anyway rich in vitamins from groups A, B and C. Attention to the preparation of the classic juice: in this juncture, in fact, the fibers are completely absent.

Better the juice …

Just on the orange juice must focus with particular attention: to avoid the risk of losing antioxidants and vitamins, you must consume the drink immediately after the "squeezing". It is important to underline how useful it is to assume it not only for the contrast to free radicals and therefore to aging, but also for the excellent nutritional value and the extremely low fat content.

… or the whole fruit?

As far as the whole fruit is concerned, the presence of fibers plays a very important role at the intestinal level: they contribute to contain the absorption of sugars present in the same orange, of the carbohydrates and of the fats eventually assumed to meal together with this citrus. In case of diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, the fibers of the whole fruit allow to maintain a low glycemic index. On the contrary, the absence of fibers that characterizes the orange juice, allows to have immediately available a solid amount of sugar (therefore energy). Reason for which, the juice is a drink particularly suitable for sportsmen that, during physical exertion, they need to supply the organism with a certain speed.

One orange a day

Ultimately, how many oranges a day can you consume? As in all things, we must not exaggerate! Bearing in mind that, as a weight, 200 g is approached, we recommend the intake of a maximum of three oranges a day distributed between meals: this threshold is dictated by the fact that, despite being extremely rich in water and nutrients, the sugars present, if taken in excess, can cause an accumulation of lipids and, therefore, make us fat.

Salad with oranges – Italian Cuisine

Orange Walnut Salad

One of the most original autumn salads is the one based on oranges. We offer 5 fresh and light recipes

If you want a dish a little different from the usual, fresh, light, tasty and full of vitamins, try it orange salad!

An unusual idea to bring to the table this fruit of autumn that is so good and is rich in properties.
The orange it can be used to prepare many dishes, both sweet and savory, but in salads it is expressed to the maximum of its possibilities. Seeing is believing.

We advise you to choose oranges with a thin skin, those suitable for juices rather than those to eat in wedges. Use only high quality ingredients and make really special dishes, even if very simple. Your guests will be speechless!

Here then 5 salads based on oranges to prepare as an appetizer, main course or even a single dish. Accompany them with some white wine and some hot toast roasted with a little oil.

Orange Walnut Salad

Orange and fennel

The most classic of orange salads. You have to remove the outer orange peel with a sharp knife. Cut the pulp into fairly thin slices and serve in a fairly large tray with slices of fennel, taggiasca olives, and Tropea onion. Someone also loves adding anchovies. Season with salt, oil and pepper.

Orange and avocado

A really good combination because the fat part of the avocado is dampened by the acidity of the orange and the two flavors are perfectly combined. Also in this case cut the sliced ​​pulp and mix it with slices of avocado, sprouts or soft salad like the songino and enriched with slices of salmon or primosal cubes. To make it more scenic, you can enrich it with pomegranate grains.

Orange and chicken

This salad is an excellent second course that generally pleases even the most skeptical, those who do not like the savory combinations with fruit in savory dishes. Grill the slices of chicken breast, add salt and pepper and scent them with chopped herbs. Then serve them with slices of orange, cubes of celery and black olives. Season with oil, salt and pepper and a little lemon juice.

Orange and spinach

A very autumnal salad because it is enriched with strong flavors such as gorgonzola and walnuts. Choose fresh, fairly soft spinach, wash them well and cut them into a salad. Season with oil, salt and pepper and serve with slices of orange, zola, walnuts and if you like, even with hard-boiled persimmons cut into thin slices.

Oranges and prawns

This very exotic salad is perfect to open a dinner based on fish or for an evening for two to amaze the partner with an unusual dish and a little 'scenic. In fact, you can serve it inside an emptied orange or in a crystal cup. Cut the slices of orange and accompany them with cubes of avocado and mango and prawns lightly blanched in boiling water. Season with oil, salt, pepper, lemon juice or lime and if you like, add chopped coriander with a knife.

And for those who love sweet recipes, why not try this ORGANIZED CROSTATA

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