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Spaghetti all’assassina, the original Apulian recipe to amaze your guests – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Spaghetti all'assassina, the original Apulian recipe to amaze your guests

The “spaghetti all’assassina” they are a distinctive cult of Apulian cuisinewith deep roots in the city of Bari. This first course charming is renowned for its bold combination of spiciness and charred flavor. The history of the recipe dates back to the end of the 1960s, when two customers of the restaurant where it was invented and which was managed by the owner Enzo Francavilla, had a surprising reaction to the first taste: “You are a murderer” they said, referring to the irresistible spiciness of this dish. The ingredients in this recipe are surprisingly simple. The real magic lies in unique cooking method: the spaghetti is cooked directly in the pan, along with a touch of tomato puree and a minimal broth prepared with tomato paste. For tradition to be respected, however, the dough should stick to the pan (preferably iron), creating a burnt crust of a charming red-brown colour. Over the decades, “Spaghetti all’Assassina” have become a culinary icon of Bari and a true pop legend. They have made their appearance in literary works, such as novels by Gabriella Genisiwith one of the titles reading just that “Spaghetti all’Assassina” telling the adventures of commissioner Lolita Lobosco. The popularity of this dish has also spread to television, with the interpretation of the actress Luisa Ranieri in the role of the eponymous character of the novel, who enjoyed these spaghetti in an episode broadcast in March 2021. This has renewed interest in the recipe, which, although it may seem simple, requires some skill and mastery. Here is our interpretation of spaghetti all’assassina, in its original Apulian recipe. Ready to start cooking?

A first course to amaze guests – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

A first course to amaze guests

Wash and clean all the vegetables carefully. Divide the onion in half, but without removing the peel, peel the carrots, cutting them into coarse pieces. Clean the celery stalks and leek. Make them in large portions. Once the ingredients are prepared, pour them into a pan and fill with water.

A Roma dinner prepared by Bea and Behara, guests of a protected structure – Italian Cuisine

A Roma dinner prepared by Bea and Behara, guests of a protected structure

For the Gustamundo project, tonight, in Rome, two women living in the Casa di Leda will offer the specialties of their tradition: from sarma to ciupapsi, to mussaka

The Roma cuisine specialties, prepared by two cooks who will introduce diners to the most appetizing flavors of their tradition. Tonight, at 8 pm, the appointment is in Rome, in via Giacinto de Vecchi Pieralice, 38, at the restaurant of Gustamundo: is a project that was born with the idea of ​​proposing social integration through the kitchen and that, with the collaboration of reception centers and non-profit organizations, organizes multi-ethnic dinners prepared by women and men from the most disadvantaged countries.

In the kitchen there are Bea and Behara, both of Roma origin, who live in the House of Leda, a protected structure, active since 2017, where women are accepted as an alternative to detention with their minor children (the spaces used by the House are those confiscated from the mafia). For this special solidarity dinner they will offer typical dishes like the sarma and i ciupapsi, but also the mussaka: a culinary journey through the notes of paprika, coconut flour and dark chocolate.

For both Bea and Behara, who in 2021 will finish serving their sentences, appointments such as Gustamundo's solidarity dinner represent an opportunity to return to normal life, but also a step towards a more dignified condition, of greater social and economic inclusion, together with their children.

"On people like Bea and Behara there are more risk factors in terms of marginalization," explains Pasquale Campagnone, founder and director of Gustamundo. "Their Roma origins and the penalty they are serving". But the ghettoization is fought first of all through the occasions of encounter between people, of mutual understanding and exchange. Like a dinner like this that, among its objectives, includes that of overcoming the widespread prejudices towards the other.

In Italy, according to data from the European Community, there are between 110 thousand and 180 thousand people of Romani origin: about 0.23-0.25% of the total population. Only one in five lives in a condition of precarious housing, but prejudice contributes to perpetrating the state of discrimination against the whole minority.

To book dinner write to info@gustamundo.it or call 366 8976779.

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