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3 tips from Visentin to write … of taste! – Italian Cuisine

3 tips from Visentin to write ... of taste!

The interest in food, triggered in recent times, has given rise to a proliferation of food writers or simple food and wine enthusiasts who are challenged in the world of writing. But how do you become a good critic?

Eat to write, write to eat. Most coveted profession and undervalued that of the gastronomic editor.
Improvising is easy as well as minimizing the training necessary to get to this profession, because in fact, in Italy above all, we all eat, we all know how to eat and so … can we even write?
As a good Bouillabaisse, the famous sauce, becoming a food writer can take a very slow boil (almost literally) before arriving at the right cooking stage. And not always, taste satisfies palates.

We asked for some advice then Valerio M. Visentin, a well-known critic in the mask of Corriere della Sera, much feared by restaurateurs but loved by readers for his healthy, timely and honest criticism, which has taken care of the teaching proposal of the Writing di Gusto course, a multidisciplinary teaching path that teaches the art of writing but above all an ethical approach to criticism.

The 3 tips from Valerio Massimo Visentin + one

1) The perfect foodwriter must know thoroughly grammar and dictionary to communicate with timely language. And, possibly, of pleasant reading.

2) Must defend reputation and independence of judgment with courage and determination. They must be avoided like the bubonic plague, therefore, conflicts of interest, improper friendships, languid selfies with chefs and restaurateurs.

3) Must have respect is curiosity towards food and those who prepare it. Without fanatisms or uncontrolled passions.

3a) If the foodwriter is also a food critic, he must always act in disguise, gently rejecting invitations and gifts.

The course, organized by Sasso / Carta and DOOF and directed precisely by Valerio M. Visintin, is developed as a series of lectures in which theory and practice are integrated, in an engaging and stimulating environment: real editorial meetings in which students will be guided in the drafting of editorial plans, receive input from the editor-in-chief and acquire the method to write articles and reviews.

A real opportunity for lovers of gastronomy and for writers, professionals and non-professionals, to get involved in a place of permanent exercise, confrontation and interaction.

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