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How the lemon has conquered our director (and the cover) – Italian Cuisine

Maddalena Fossati

They do well and are happy: the lemons are the protagonists of our February cover with an unmissable cake

There Winter cake February, made with biscuits, lemon cream and decorated with fresh lemons, is a simple and effective recipe. How did he become the trends Of this month?

Let's start from the principal prince, the lemon. There are reasons to choose too: it is rich in vitamin C, cleanses the body and you can use every part of it, from the juice to the rind. Making them irresistible is very easy with the Winter Cake recipe.

It is not difficult, therefore, to imagine how this citrus fruit did to conquer our director Maddalena Fossati and to earn the leading role on the February cover. Let's find out with 5 curiosities.

Maddalena Fossati
Maddalena Fossati

5 questions to Maddalena Fossati on the Winter Cake

1. Often lemons are associated with the summer. Why were they chosen for the month of February?

We can also look at it from another point of view: we went into the colder period of the year and we need a good dose of vitamins. The lemons are full and their season has begun. That's why we have chosen them, to do well to our body, without giving up gluttony!

2. Why was this cake chosen for the cover?

Lemon is good for health, but it is also good for our mood, with the joy of its beautiful yellow color. It is an ingredient that appeals to most people and that most likely everyone has at home, just like the other ingredients needed to prepare cake. And what's better than cooking without shopping?

3. The cake is an explosion of yellow. When you think about this color in which place would you like to travel instantly?

Yellow makes me think of a bikini: I imagine a bright sun on the beach, maybe in Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro.

4. What is the personal twist that you would add to this recipe?

A small addition to give a little more perfume: a leaf of mint or basil.

5. The cake has 5 slices. Who would you offer them to?

Obviously to my son Leonardo and my partner Giacomo. A little bit also to Oga, our little dog! Finally one to my mayor Beppe Sala and another to the nice rapper I just met, Emis Killa.

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