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Brain always at the top? Here are some foods to keep it always shiny – Italian Cuisine

Brain always at the top? Dark chocolate.

From 11 to 17 March the World Brain Week is celebrated. Here's what to eat to keep you fit and healthy at any age

With advancing age it is normal that due to the decay of nerve cells the brain age and become less snappy. Many problems, however, could be prevented by having a greater care in the course of life. According to data from the Italian Society of Neurology in Italy are about 5 million people who suffer from neurological diseases. World Brain Week is celebrated to sensitize these diseases and their prevention from 11 to 17 March. In many cases these disorders can be prevented by correcting lifestyles, includingsupply.
In fact, some foods are rich in nutrients that can help protect brain health and prevent disease. Let's see with the help of the Nutritionist Nicoletta Bocchino, which are.

What to eat to keep your mind young

"At the table, go-ahead for the foods they contain essential fats, including the precious ones Omega 3, which protect against the damaging action of free radicals by protecting neurons from aging. Blue fish, oil seeds and nuts are rich. They have an excellent antioxidant and anti-aging action even the rich foods of C vitamin like citrus and kiwi, Vitamin E is vitamin A, like seasonal fruits and vegetables, "explains the nutritionist.

Brain always at the top? Dark chocolate.
Brain always at the top? Dark chocolate.

The foods are ok for the nervous system

In the daily menus you should not miss the tryptophan. "This amino acid," says Nicoletta Bocchino, "of which wholegrain cereals and legumes are particularly rich, favors the production of serotonin, the neurotransmitter of well-being. Yes also ai minerals that promote good oxygenation of the brain like potassium is magnesium, which are excellent sources of seasonal fruit and vegetables and those that support the proper functioning of the nervous system as zinc is phosphorus of which the fish is rich .

Would you like to know more? Discover in the gallery the other foods that are good for the brain

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