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The main cuts of lamb and how to cook them – Italian Cuisine

With the arrival of Easter in the kitchen we prepare to welcome the Lamb meat to prepare some typical dishes of the Italian tradition. THE'lamb nothing else is but the sheep's cub. Its very tender meat lends itself well to baked or stewed second courses. But be careful to choose the right cut for the recipe you want to prepare.

Here are the main ones lamb cuts and how to cook them.

Sheep or lamb

Let's start by making a distinction between mutton is Lamb meat. The latter is obtained from sheep pups that have passed the age of weaning, but not the first year of life. If the animal has not exceeded 2 months of life, in that case it is said abbacchio: it is a type of meat much loved and used in the kitchens of the Center-South.

There mutton it is taken from an adult animal. It is characterized by a more intense flavor than those normally consumed. This is why it is difficult to consume them outside the Easter holidays, when tradition almost imposes their presence in the kitchen.

In addition to flavor, what differentiates sheep meat from lamb or lamb is the fat percentage present and the lowest cost. Even if younger meats are less valuable from a nutritional point of view, compared to those of more adult animals.

To be clear, sheep meat is equivalent to that of cattle from the nutritional point of view. However lamb and lamb are recommended in feeding children prone to food allergies because they are well tolerated by the body.

Sheep cuts

Sheep meat can be sold in different cuts. There is the head, which is served baked or boiled. Then there is the neck, used for stews and stews. The same preparations also allow the use of chest and belly during cooking.

There shoulder with shin and the leg they are used to prepare tasty roasts. The carrè or rib it is used for grilling, as is the case with the saddle.

More than i walking of sheep, in the Italian culinary tradition those of lamb are used, often proposed as fried lamb's feet or lamb's feet in garlic sauce, a typical recipe of the Sardinian tradition. After having removed the fleece, by burning it, brush it all the time until the smooth skin appears. Then you can also simply boil or braise them.

How to cut a whole lamb

If you received a whole lamb as a gift or bought it, we advise you to go to a butcher to be able to slice it properly, without ruining the individual cuts.

How to choose between lamb cuts

If you have decided to include lamb in yours Easter's menu, you have many cuts to choose from. Each is best expressed in a specific preparation: we discover the correspondences.

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