Piedmontese Salad Recipe – Italian Cuisine – Italian Cuisine

Piedmontese Salad Recipe - Italian Cuisine

The Piedmontese salad from Turin's historic Del Cambio restaurant looks like a painting

  • red turnip leaves
  • spring onions in oil
  • PDO Parmesan Cheese
  • radishes
  • seared peas
  • seared jackdaws
  • broad beans in oil
  • edible flowers
  • seaweed mixture
  • wasabi
  • sesame
  • seared green asparagus
  • seared white asparagus
  • anchovy alicicolatura colatura
  • lettuce hearts
  • jasmine flowers
  • sour peppers
  • marinated yolk
  • red shiso
  • capers
  • pea sprouts
  • whole and chopped hazelnuts
  • crumbled amaretti
  • star anise powder
  • sour cherries
  • mayonnaise

To prepare the Piedmontese salad, wash all the ingredients that are eaten raw and cut them as you prefer: the dosage can be varied according to everyone's tastes and also the choice of vegetables can change, according to the season.
Marinades 4 yolks covering them with a mixture of 4 spoons of salt and 4 of sugar. After 6 hours of marinating remove them and rinse them gently.
Arrange the ingredients in the dishes and season with the mayonnaise and the anchovy sauce.

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