Gourmet guide: Aurora district – Borgo Dora – Italian Cuisine

Gourmet guide: Aurora district - Borgo Dora

The fourth district guide dedicated to the gorge, with Aurora and Borgo Dora, an event that you cannot miss

Among old pegs and restaurants with an international allure, Aurora is one of the districts of turin who wants the right redemption, even social. A stone's throw away is the Central Market – Aurora is a neighborhood with a vintage soul – full of artisan restoration shops and the Balon Market and Gran Balon. With a small detour in Vanchiglia.

Best agnolotto

Where to eat it
The classic agnolotto, interpreted by chef Federico Zanasi, here in the Bottoni stuffed with boiled version, Share restaurant. If accompanied with miso sauce and hazelnuts, tortellini with cream are transformed and are very reminiscent; but even alone, without any seasoning, they are really fabulous. Secret recipe. We asked the chef to give us a hint about the filling, nothing to do.

Where to buy it
We leave the Aurora district a few meters to enter Vanchiglia, for Renato's agnolotti.
Pastificio Renato, since 1962, corso Regina Margherita 17.
The recipe of the agnolotto from Turin of the Renato pasta factory includes in the stuffing roast beef, roast pork, cooked IGP Piedmont salami, seasonal vegetables, parmesan cheese, eggs and salt, plus, of course, a sheet of fresh egg pasta.

Best veal with tuna sauce

Where to eat it
At San Giors, in the old way, in via Borgo Dora 3.
The walker is massaged with oil, salt, pepper and flavorings. Subsequently cooked in the oven for half the time in dry and half in steam and then it is left to cool for about 12 hours.
The sauce is made with the hard red of yellow-paste eggs, tuna, caper fruits, desalted anchovies and white wine, along with extra-virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt. In our opinion it should be a little softer: sometimes the meat is a bit dry, but on the whole it is a fun and good dish.
In the kitchen at San Giors, the chef is Manolo Murroni, who arrived in Turin for a few months, after an interesting experience in northern Europe. As soon as they arrived in the city the owners immediately wanted it in the kitchens of their hotel restaurant, the San Giors, in that piece of the neighborhood that resembles a village, Borgo Dora. We recommend a trip to Turin, overnight stay with breakfast and maybe a traditional lunch right here, in the heart of the Balon.

Modern interpretation of Federico Zanasi, chef of the share restaurant, Nuvola Lavazza, via Bologna 20.
A freshly seasoned knife beat, resting on a cloud of crispy bread, filled with tuna sauce, a classic dish in a tapas version. To share has just turned one year old and is one of the most popular and acclaimed restaurants in the city: the inspiration and genius of Federico Zanasi and his team in a very short time have enchanted the Turinese (but not only them) who often come back to sit in the room with a set designed specifically for the restaurant by Dante Ferretti. A true sensory and taste experience that we advise you not to miss.

Where to buy / gastronomy
Let's go back for a moment to Vanchiglia, for the purchase of Renato's vitello tonnato which, at the moment, seems to be the most interesting traditional recipe. Therefore also for the Gastronomia pastificio Renato double, as for the restaurant Share.

Best ice cream

Gelateria Popolare, via Mameli 6.
Defined by many customers as the pop ice cream shop in Turin, it always reserves great surprises in taste, including ice cream and sorbets. Maurizio De Vecchi selects the products among the fruits of the market and those of small producers in the territory. No additives used except carob flour. Among the most popular are the popular cream, dark chocolate, ginger and cinnamon, the greedy zabaione. For fruit flavors: strawberries, ramasin, strawberry grapes.
If you don't know what to choose, ask for advice. We liked the Balon Gianduiotto and vegan chocolate.

Chinese ravioli

Great Wall, Corso Emilia 2.
Get ready for a real feast of braised ravioli, a truly special recipe from the Great Wall. Customers order them in multiples of 10 to avoid running out of them. Also try many other dishes including the jellyfish salad and the lacquered duck. The place is often frequented by Chinese, which means quality Chinese cuisine, like at home.

Best tea

Camellia, via Catania 24.
Entering Camellia is like crossing the threshold of a fantastic country, which smells good and where it is possible to buy, but also taste, various types of tea: from Chinese to Japanese, from rare to Indian, more aromatic teas. And if you have any particular request, Ezio, the owner, will be able to advise you for the best. We suggest you stop and taste a couple of teas, take some time and calmly enjoy the drink because it's worth it.

Not to be missed, for lovers of antique markets: the Balon, every Saturday, and the Gran Balon, which takes place every second Sunday of the month, to go in search of crockery, plates and glasses of yesteryear, tablecloths and lace of other times, but also objects of modernism. Timetable from 8 to 18.

A little gem for shopping? Fané Decorations, in via Reggio 30B: beautiful things and objects that have a story to tell, with a vintage soul. By appointment at 3406474574.

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