Apple and longevity: how to use the fruit of health in the kitchen – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

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Just like the wines, in the Val Venosta Apple recipe book, each variety of apple is combined with other ingredients both to enhance its nutritional effects and to enhance its flavour. To begin with, as an aperitif, you will find the recipe for an infusion of green tea and Pinova apple, which is characterized by floral notes and a balance of sweetness and acidity. Why were they put together? «The apple allows you to absorb 100% of epigallocatechin from green teaan important polyphenol, its absorption is significantly reduced if tea is combined, as is often done, with milk” explains Dr. Manzi.

How to use apples to reduce sugars

As an appetizer, then, there is a caponata with artichokes, celery, tomato and Red Delicious apples, used in this mix because with their typical sweetness they perfectly balance the ingredients of the recipe which otherwise generally requires the use of sugar. Another idea? Among the dishes on the menu, tried for you in Bologna in Dr. Manzi’s restaurant, we particularly appreciated black black rice with Granny Smith apple and hazelnutsin a heart-friendly combination that combines the antioxidant protection of vitamin E from hazelnuts with the potassium of apple.

What to pair apples with in savory dishes

«The apple is the food of health, a superfood, and with the right combinations its effects can be enhanced explains Dr. Manzi. «In general I suggest accompanying it with other heart-friendly foods such as fish and dried fruit. They are rich in good fats and combined with potassium and apple pectin they are a decidedly winning mix.” Blood sugar? «The apple, like all fruits, contains sugar, but in quantities well mixed with fiber and water. Eaten fresh, in small quantities, it does not cause spikes. Furthermore, with the right combinations, it also helps to reduce absorption.”

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