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From the luxurious shop windows of the alleys of Naples, directly to your home. The pastry shops that ship Neapolitan sweets throughout Italy will save the off-site

For a Campanian, sweets are sacred. Just think of the great anniversaries and their respective specialties: the Saint Joseph's Zeppole for Father's Day, the pastiera at Easter, the struffoli at Christmas. Gloves of Baba is sfogliatelle (curly or shortbread) to eat on Sundays and to celebrate any special occasion.

Fortunately, keep the tradition remotely is now possible with a simple click. Order Neapolitan sweets online it is the compromise for those who live far away and perhaps cannot move during the Christmas holidays. Just close your eyes and bite into one of these sweets to be able to imagine the voices of relatives starting to crowd the dining room. Because cooking is always the best way to feel at home.

Not only that: this is also the ideal solution for all fans and curious people who wish to savor the ancient art of Neapolitan pastry, iconic and appreciated in the world. For this reason, some of the most famous and historic pastry shops in Naples are well equipped to carry out shipments throughout Italy, quickly and safely, ensuring the quality of the products purchased.

Neapolitan sweets online: the pastry shops that deliver throughout Italy

From Naples (and surroundings) to the rest of Italy. In gallery above you will find a selection of Neapolitan sweets that you can easily order online from some of the best Neapolitan artisan pastry shops.

The memorable ones curly and short pastry sfogliatelle pastry shops in Via Toledo in Naples are shipped throughout Italy raw and chilled, placed in isothermal containers in polystyrene with dry ice, ensuring a constant storage temperature. To cook comfortably in the oven at home and savor freshly baked.

Giovanni Scaturchio
Holidays are safe with Giovanni Scaturchio's desserts, which arrive at home in special travel wheels. Only some of its products are available for delivery throughout the Italian territory and not only in Naples: struffoli, pastiera is cassata, but also mustaccioli is Roccoco.

Neapolitan sweets online
Neapolitan sweets online: Antica Pasticceria Giovanni Scaturchio, since 1905

Pepe Mastro Confectioner
His pastry shop is a delicious pearl ofAgro Nocerino Sarnese and its leavened products have repeatedly won the title of best in Italy. From Sant’Egidio del Monte Albino, in the province of Salerno, Alfonso Pepe's desserts are ready to travel all over the country: jams, leavened (absolutely must try the legendary panettone with limoncello) and i baba in pots.

Gambrinus coffee
Since 1860, Caffè Gambrinus has been an institution, a literary salon where you can sip real Neapolitan coffee and taste sweet and savory specialties. In the online shop you can buy blends of coffee, sfogliatelle, babà, black cherry biscuits, tortano and migliaccio.

To the third generation of an ancient family tradition, Vincenzo Ferrieri today he carries on his passion for Neapolitan sweets in his laboratory in Piazza Garibaldi, a reference point for those who are about to take a train and want to take a taste of Naples with them. The shop allows you to order online Baba, its famous sfogliacampanella and to choose between the most varied fillings for sweet and savory sfogliatelle.

Armando Scaturchio
In the historic shop in the heart of Naples, Armando Scaturchio, son and grandson of pastry chefs, carries on the family's century-old tradition and also arrives online: it is possible to order traditional sweets, but also many other sweet and savory delicacies, such as i taralli Neapolitans or the casatiello.

Napolitano pastry shop
Giovanni Napolitano and children Marco is Vincenzo carry on the love and passion for pastry, handed down from generation to generation, with a wide range of sweets of the Neapolitan tradition, shipped throughout Italy in safe and refrigerated packaging.

Sal De Riso
The scent of Amalfi Coast goes a long way thanks to Sal De Riso, which ships a selection of its products most suitable for travel throughout Italy. In particular, for Christmas there is no shortage of a wide choice of panettone, including some dedicated to local ingredients, such as the annurca apple or the Cilentano, with buffalo butter and stuffed with dried white figs infused with rum, walnuts, candied orange and wild fennel.

Many other surprises in the gallery!

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