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Do you dream of the sea, perhaps even in winter? Then you must try Sardinian fregola in 10 recipes with guaranteed excitement. There fregola Sardinian it is one of the most famous dishes on the island. Also called fregola or it’s cool, it’s a paste semolina with a very ancient history: according to Statute of the Millers of Tempio Pausania dating back to the 14th century, its preparation had to take place exclusively from Monday to Friday, so as not to consume the water necessary for agricultural work on Saturday and Sunday. Its name comes from Latin frisarethat is to say mince, crush, crumble. In fact, fregola is prepared in exactly this way, appearing in the form of small grains.

How to make Sardinian fregola

Fregola can be easily done prepare at home with three simple ingredients: 400 g of durum wheat flour, 200 ml of water and a pinch of salt. Pour the semolina flour onto a pastry board and slowly pour the warm, slightly salted water into the centre. Then, with a circular motion of your fingertips, rub the dough until it forms small balls. It doesn’t matter if they are slightly different in size! Leave a cloth to dry and rest overnight. In the end, toasted the fregola in the oven at 200° for about 15 minutes: in this way it will take on its typical brown color and the flavor that makes it unique. All that remains is to cook it following the chosen recipe.

Fregola with clams: traditional recipe

According to tradition fregola is prepared with clams (or cockles), a type of mollusc a little smaller than clams. There are different ways to make this dish: there are those who prefer it with gravy tomato and who blankwhoever prefers risotto the fregola and who instead serves it how soup. Try this recipe: you will need 1 kg of clams, 300 g of tomato puree, 250 g of fregola, oil, salt and parsley.

First, drain the clams: wash them and leave them in water and salt for at least an hour; finally rinse them. Cook the molluscs in a large saucepan with garlic and extra virgin olive oil for about 4-5 minutes, until they open. Once opened, separate them from the shells (you can remove all the shells or just half. Recover the cooking liquid by filtering it through a fine mesh strainer.

Heat the extra virgin olive oil with two cloves of garlic and start cooking the tomato. After 10 minutes add the fregola, add the liquid from the clams and cook according to the cooking time (about 15-17 minutes). At the end of cooking, add the clams, complete with chopped parsley and serve.

Sardinian fregola: 10 delicious recipes

There fregola with clams it is a great classic, but in Sardinia there are many other typical meat-based recipes, in particular soups and soups. There frigola in broth of meat or the fregola with sausage they are very tasty alternatives, but you can also opt for imaginative vegetarian recipes and even serve it coldlike a rice or couscous salad.

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